Friday, December 24, 2010

Y is for

Y is for 

Yuletide. A word and tradition that had a pagan beginning but is now synonymous with the Christmas season. I know retailers, media and most of the secular world would have us believe that the Christmas season started with Black Friday, it actually begins tonight; Christmas Eve. 

I have said it before, Christmas eve is my favorite. The dark, the quiet, the expectation. That expectant waiting. It does it for me. I think I fell in love with the quiet of late Christmas eve when we had small children. There is no quiet as loud as the quiet that comes after the clammer. After Santa had come, my husband and I would sit and just gaze at the tree in the darkened room and just be. It was always a magical moment.

I hope you aren't up late tonight feverishly stitching. If you are, turn off the TV and listen to the quiet while you take those last few stitches. For tonight a child is born on these holiest of nights.


A blessed Christmas to you, faithful reader.

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  1. Popping in to wish you a very "Merry Christmas", Martha & hoping you have a wonderfully blessed week with your family all around you.

    Thank you, too, for a year full of wonderful inspiration & ideas!
    Wishing you a healthy & happy 2011.


    p.s. How neat that we both chose the song "O Holy Night" by Nat but different versions. ;-) He's as close to my Dad's version that I've ever heard.


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