Saturday, January 30, 2010


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Isn't this too cute? If you look at her Flickr stream she shows the magazine cover that was the inspiration. Too cute! And since I didn't sew a stitch today, I figured I needed the inspirations as much as everyone else. I did get the collar traced out for that baby gift for my daughter's friend. My goal HAD been to get it zipped out so she could take it back with her today. Well that didn't happen. Which means I have to mail it. That is a feat of monumental proportions.

To heck with Florida, I am moving to the Equator! I have had ENOUGH! All day I just felt like a lump and I truly think the gray dreary skies have a lot to do with it. It didn't used to bother me like this, but I about can't take much more. I might sell all my fabric and go to somewhere in the tropics. .....................................


Okay, never mind. It is not quite THAT bad. But almost.

Later faithful reader, I am headed to bed. Might as well sleep if I am not going to get much else accomplished.

Friday, January 29, 2010

And the winner is!


Well the entries have been collected and are nesting cozy like in their little sweet grass basket.

Baby daughter got way into this. She wanted you to see that she "stirred the pot" so to speak.


Congrats to Shirley C! Shirley email me with your full name and address so I can get your sweet hangers to you. 

Thank you everyone for playing, I was so impressed with all of the projects that you told me you were working on. There were even a couple of new mommy-to-be s who were working on things for their own babies and a couple of christening gowns in the works. And we all know how I feel about that.  

Until later, faithful reader.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a duck

Sometimes you don't!

This is Collars Etc Layette pattern, view1, daygown. It is out of a duck print pique. Trimmed with yellow microcheck batiste.

Actually the batiste came from a package of Susie's Ready to Sew piping such as this one found at Bessie Mary. I actually bought mine at Heirloom Creations in Lafayette the last time I was there. But they don't have a website to show you. I bought the pique there as well.

I piped the raglan sleeves with the piping and decided I wanted the same gingham as the bias piping on the neckline and sleeves. Since there was no yellow Imperial microcheck  in my stash closet I just clipped the seam on the piping, pressed it flat and used the fabric it provided. More than one way to skin a cat.

I like the fabric and I like the pattern I think, but I am not a big fan of them together. Again this is a hang around the house daygown but still, it is a lot of duck! It is hanging on its companion hanger. I think next time I make this gown I will take out some of the width of the gown.

 Found at Collars Etc
I LOVE Collars Etc Smocked Baby Daygown, perhaps I will make it next. Before I can do that, first up is Michie's Pleated Bubble with a couple of embroidered fishies for a baby gift for a daughter's friend.

The giveaway closes tonight. Good luck to all those who left comments.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A dose of cuteness

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I have been in my sewing room doing what I hate most right after cleaning. Prep work. I have been prewashing, ironing and folding some fabrics. TORTURING myself by looking through old Creative Needle magazines. That was a hardship. NOT! And one of my most hated jobs, tracing pattern pieces.

So I thought I would take a break to share some cute eye candy with you. Isn't this teeny pin cushion just as cute as it could be? Visit her Flickr photostream to see more.

Don't forget there are two days left for the giveaway. I have so enjoyed reading all of your comments and hearing about what you are working on. Many of you know, bloggers love comments. And they love followers, so if you haven't left a comment or signed up as a follower do it today.

For those who have asked for the hanger pattern, it was published in Creative Needle in the January/February 2006 issue on page 26. I didn't know that until someone else told me.

I also presented the program last night at our SAGA chapter. I did a program on snail shirring. Jeannie B of the Old Fashioned Baby sewing room is talking about snail shirring on her blog as well. She also has a giveaway in the works over there as well.

But I have real news, the sun was out today!!!!!!!!!!! Heavens be praised. It has been the longest stretch ever in these parts of no sun and I was so over it.

That is all that is new here, I will be back soon with more to share. Keep stitching.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everyone has hang ups and a giveaway!

Some hangups are just prettier than others. This hanger makes me cringe. I have spoken to my distaste of wire hangers before. Nothing makes me cringe more than to see a garment that someone has worked so hard on and is so proud of hanging limply on a wire hanger. Aggh!! I hate it. If you go back through all of the posts you will see garments hung mostly on satin padded hangers. A couple on some vintage nursery hangers. Mostly on the padded hangers.

So in light of a nursery that is going to be filled with garments lovingly made, I made a few hangers. Some to match a garment and some because I was on a roll.

This sweet hanger was made to match a daygown that is not quite finished yet. It is a duck print pique trimmed with yellow gingham piping.

These are made from Imperial batiste, trimmed with scraps of lace, some machine embroidery and piped with whip stitch piping. To top it off, a little ecru bow. I love blue and ecru together. I am not as big a fan of pink and ecru. And I adore white and ecru. Maybe I will make some white and ecru hangers as well.

This is a close up to see the simple embellishment on the front. This lace was literally a scrap in the bottom of the box of laces. It was not longer than 4" long. I used Sulky rayon thread to do the diamonds on either side which is a decorative stitch on my machine.

So to help stamp out wire hangers I am going to offer a give away. It will include one of the hangers I just made plus two other padded satin baby hangers. All three pictured above. There is more than one way to enter in the giveaway. You know how bloggers love comments. So:

#1 Leave a comment and tell me what you are working on.
#2 If you are a follower AND leave a comment, you will be entered twice.
#3 If you have a blog, post a link in your comment where you mention the give away on your blog. This will also get you an additional entry.

Please, no email comments. Only comments left here will be eligible. When I announce the winner, they will need to email me their mailing address.

This give away will be open until January 28th at midnight. Good luck everyone! And help stamp out wire hangers.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cut a rug!

 Available at Viva Terra

My kids know me well. My daughter sent me this link because she thought of her momma. Of course she is confined to the couch with a torn tendon in her foot and can do nothing else but watch TV and search the net. So it is no surprise that she has time to find neat things. But still, it is cool. Not sure how it would work in a sewing room but it is still cute.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amazing inspiration

Originally uploaded by flossbox
Is this not awesome? It is a stumpwork piece I found while stumbling around on Flickr.  Did you look at his tail? You know what that is don't you?

I should be in bed. Off I go now.

I have 2 more daygowns cut out, so I hope to get those stitched together tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank you faithful readers

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. I had a nice day. Received a birthday kiss in the dark before my husband left for a week, heard from many family and friends. Got lots of cards, flowers and my son took his momma out for dinner. Can't ask for much more than that. I hope you were able to take a stitch or two. I admit I did not.

And if you need a reason to smile, go here to see a wonderful timewaster of cuteness. The puppycam is back. Don't forget to turn your computer sound back down when you walk away though, because when you are home alone and the puppies start squeeking, it will scare you to death! Ask me how I know.

First posted by Crafty Intentions

Just a tidbit of inspiration. Doesn't this look like a fun place to sew?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Robert E Lee

 First posted at Rebel Yell

Isn't he a handsome devil? And what Southern Matriarch wouldn't love to share a birthday with him?

This one that is who!  Happy Birthday to me! This is one of the very few pictures I have of myself as a child. I assume it was taken around 18 months old since I am in a sleeveless sundress. I love the sepia tones of the picture. 

Do you stitch for the children in your life for their birthdays?  I still have a button on suit that I made for my godson's first birthday 19 years ago. The outfit on him can be seen here.

I will admit that the smocking looks a little wonky, and my bear is listing to the right. Another example of we get better the more we stitch. He loved it, I am amazed those little balloon "strings" survived. He worked them to death. This is an old Ellen McCarn plate called Birthday Bear. I don't believe it is in print any longer. But some other options are:

Found at Bessie Mary 

This is Ellen McCarn's Happy Birthday

Also found at Bessie Mary

These cute little cupcakes are by Cross Eyed Cricket.

Both found at Farmhouse Fabrics 

Again both of these plates are by Cross Eyed Cricket.The first is called Birthday Bears and the next is aptly called Happy Birthday.

In honor of my birthday today, pick up a needle and smock. And remember Robert E Lee while you are at it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A touch of gloating

I admit it, I am gloating. I finished first............ Hey a girl needs all the kudos she can get and if she has to go out and grab them, so be it.

To spur students to finish what could be seen as an intense class project Jeannie B over at the Old Fashioned Baby Sewing Room, offered a certificate when you completed the project.

What is it about a certificate that makes you get something finished? It is not like it will garner any public acclaim or financial reward. Hey I am a nerd, what can I say? Now all of the other members of that class, get out your gown and get to stitching. A certificate can be yours as well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spring will come-Inspiration

Originally uploaded by bstudio18

I know in the midst of the damp, dreary cold that spring will come. This pretty ribbon embroidered pillow reminds me of that fact.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Snail Shirring Bonnet

I had this kit from the Old Fashioned Baby. I bought it at the 2009 SAGA convention after I had taken the Circa 1920 French Handsewn Gown class. Thought it might make a nice compliment to the gown. I also am going to be demonstrating the technique at this month's chapter meeting for my SAGA chapter.

The lower ruffle of the gown is gathered with a technique known as snail shirring. It did take quite a bit of time. I was told to try the bonnet because it would go much quicker.  And it is true, it was. I completed this bonnet in 2 or 3 evenings and that includes the embroidery.

I used one of the same embroidery motifs from the gown for the top of the bonnet.

Here is a close up of the shirring attached to the entredeux. A simple embellishment that you can do to any garment dressy or not, is threading simple embroidery through the entredeux.

I like a bonnet on a baby but will admit that I am not a fan of a big fluffy uber gathered bonnet. I want to see the baby. This is just enough frill on an otherwise tailored bonnet.

Tied with a simple silk satin ribbon embellished with a MOP shank button.

So what are you working on? I am not sure what is up next. It is not like I don't have 10,000 UFO's or yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrds of fabric to choose from. I'll have to go diving in my sewing room to find the next project.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's that time again-PR returns

As seen on Lifetime's website

Now I will be the first to admit that I don't "get" this dress. But I am intriqued. I want to know how it works. I can't imagine how the designer achieved this. But all that aside I am excited and don't anyone call me between 9 and 10 pm tonight CST. I'll be watching Project Runway.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pink and Blue Priscilla's Layette

Just a bit of stitching. I sometimes let myself get caught up in a grand project when really just $10 worth of Imperial Batiste, $1 worth of floss, 10 buttons from my prized button basket, a back issue of Sew Beautiful magazine and a well aged pattern can make something very sweet.

Jeannie B of the Old Fashioned Baby did a stitch along on her blog using Priscilla's Layette. I don't even know how many years I have had this pattern. I have pulled it out often when in the planning stages of a project but had never made it. I frequent an heirloom smocking and sewing forum that is running a Sew More challenge. Perfect time to pull out this simple pattern, some fabric from my stash and stitch with no deadline in mind and no pressure.

First is Priscilla's daygown in pink Imperial batiste. I used View 2 for this gown. It is a tad more full by being gathered in the front.

For a sweet touch I just embroidered some simple bullion roses, garnished with stem stitch vines and lazy daisy leaves between the darling pink buttons.

For the second gown I used View 1 which is a flat front gown. This also is out of Imperial batiste but in blue.

I found a shadow work elephant pull toy in a 2006 back issue of Sew Beautiful. He might not be my best work, his wheels are kind of wonky but I think he is cute. Next time I would make him larger. And the fringe on his blanket is "turkey knots"!!! I love me some turkey work. It is a well known fact.

Between the antique buttons are just a few simple granitos in the same colors that are used in the elephants blanket. I do wish I had made them bigger, but oh well.

My goal with these was just two simple daygowns. There is no lace at the neck or sleeves. Both have just simple embroidery and are made from a cotton/poly fabric that can be machine washed without a whole lot of concern. These are laying around the house gowns. These are not baby's coming home from the hospital, first trip to church or Great Aunt Nelly is coming to see the baby for the first time. Just everyday. All the same they are sweet.

A sneek peak

Don't have a lot to say. I know that comes as a surprise to many, but I don't. Here is a sneek peak at a current project. He needs buttons.

And a sweet bullion. You gotta have something to stitch during American Idol.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Sunday Thought

Friday, January 8, 2010

Another favorite sewing tool

Yea!! I was able to spend some time sewing today. I am working on a couple of simple daygowns. My plan is to finish constructing them and add some simple embroidery. Nothing fancy and over the top. I also am working on a bonnet to match the Circa 1920 French Handsewn Gown. While working on the daygowns, attaching bias binding to the neck and binding to the sleeves, I found myself reaching for another favorite.

I first posted about a pair of scissors in this post before Christmas. Those black Dovo scissors are my go to when trimming French Seams. They are great but like of what I call my husband's "special tools," not all tools are equal for all tasks.

When attaching bias binding to a gathered neck or sleeve you create a bulkier seam allowance. The method I use when applying a bias binding is to stitch the binding seam twice, 1/8" apart, trimming, then turning under the bias to whip stitch it down. I trim the remainder of my seam allowance right up next to that second stitching before turning and whipping. (Jeannie B has shown this in her Priscilla lessons here.) In order to have good control over my scissors as well as what can be a scant amount of fabric, I use serrated scissors. The black Dovos are not meant for seam allowances that may have more bulk to them. For that job, I use a 6inch serrated scissors from Gingher.

I left this picture quite large so that when you click on it, you can see the serrated blade. 
See those teeny teeth? They are magic when trying to trim within a thread or two of the stitching. They grab the fabric and allow me to trim smoothly without all of those wonky knicks. One clean cut does it.

I see in that close up that my scissors need sharpening. On occasion I will gather a several of my Ginghers together and send them back to Gingher to be sharpened. Oh my word, you would swear you are getting a new pair of scissors back! I highly recommend this process as opposed to Bubba who has set up a booth outside the grocery store every few weeks. (disclaimer: I know there are some great scissor guys out there, but I have had a better experience by sending them to Gingher.) Gingher has a speedy turn around and they come back clean, balanced and razor sharp.

Again I hope all of you are staying warm and have time to take a stitch or two.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I got nothing! All I did today was cook and think about sewing. I even sat and watched TV and for the first time in ages, didn't pick up a needle. Can't let that trend continue. My son is in the basement lamenting his team right now. I hope one of two things happen:
  1. His team turns it around.
  2. I am asleep before the game is over if they don't turn it around.
I personally don't have a vested interest, just want one of the two to happen.

But this evening while he was in the basement hollering/swearing and clapping, I was surfing flickr for some eye candy. So I leave you with this adorable confection. Easter is coming and how cute is this? Little girls in white, love it.

First posted by Kathy T

Kathy stitches beautifully. This is a plate from an old Creative Needle. ::sigh:: We still miss CN so. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with something to offer.

Of to bag up gallons of gumbo for the freezer. Keep stitching faithful reader and stay warm!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A non sewing favorite

You know, I am a simple person. I don't need much. It doesn't take much to make me happy. (no comments from my children!) That being said, there are some things that kind of irk me. Not many, just a few.

One is not being able to find a mug/cup that will meet all of my requirements. They aren't difficult. I want a cup that will hold enough tea to make it worth it. The pretty teacup above is sweet when you are partaking of tea with your girlfriends, but it won't do when I am at home, either just awakened or flipping cold as I am now and I want some TEA! I want a mug that can hold more than a quarter cup. I want a mug that can keep my tea hot, is that too much to ask? But the worst is I want a mug that allow me to reheat my tea. I might not drink all of it in one swig, and it gets cold. Most mugs won't allow me to do that.

No, the mug isn't holding me hostage but have you ever tried to reheat what was left by zapping it in the microwave? You go to remove the mug from the microwave only to be cursed by third degree burns on your hands! You quick grab a pot holder, figure you'll survive but you realllllllly want another sip of tea. You bring it to your lips to be met with ICE COLD tea. Aggggh. that really bugs me. What good is a microwave if all it does is heat the *&^% cup? I'm not trying to drink the cup. 

I have one mug that works great. It was given to me by one of my kids. I don't know what it is made of or what makes it different but it has been the ONLY mug in my cabinet that allows the contents to be reheated without taking on the temperature of molten lava.

There is a problem when there is only one, it's like only having one bra, sometimes it is dirty. Or I have left it somewhere and can't find it. Edited to add for all my smartypants commenters: It's like having only one bra that is sometimes dirty OR I have left my mug somewhere and can't find it.

Right before Christmas when I was shopping, I stumbled across a mug that looked interesting. Held promise. Enticed me with the sweet hope that perhaps, THIS would be the one.

I found it here. Yes it was expensive. More expensive than a coffee/tea mug should be. But you don't know how I have searched for this. And it is a set after all. You get TWO of them. I wasn't going to let the price stand in the way of my tea happiness.

The boxer man delivered it right before Christmas. I eagerly opened the box knowing what awaited me. I rinsed it out and set the kettle on the stove to boil. I just had to test it out right then and there.

Nirvana!!!!! I swear I heard angels sing. The cup was deliciously warm in my hand, while the contents were piping hot. And when the tea had cooled beyond my comfortable drinking temperature, I popped it in the microwave for the ultimate test.

Score!!!!!!!!!! My tea again was hot, and my hands were not. Awesome.

So if you suffer from burning hands from a cup of cold tea, these are for you. Just my little gift to set your day straight. Enjoy.
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