Thursday, January 7, 2010


I got nothing! All I did today was cook and think about sewing. I even sat and watched TV and for the first time in ages, didn't pick up a needle. Can't let that trend continue. My son is in the basement lamenting his team right now. I hope one of two things happen:
  1. His team turns it around.
  2. I am asleep before the game is over if they don't turn it around.
I personally don't have a vested interest, just want one of the two to happen.

But this evening while he was in the basement hollering/swearing and clapping, I was surfing flickr for some eye candy. So I leave you with this adorable confection. Easter is coming and how cute is this? Little girls in white, love it.

First posted by Kathy T

Kathy stitches beautifully. This is a plate from an old Creative Needle. ::sigh:: We still miss CN so. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with something to offer.

Of to bag up gallons of gumbo for the freezer. Keep stitching faithful reader and stay warm!


  1. Just wanted to let you know, I read your blog daily for inspiration.

  2. What did I do during the "Big Game"? Smocked. During the tense parts, my needle and I moved to another room! The guys were happy at my house!

  3. Love you and your blog, makes me smile each and every day.

    Send some of that gumbo, would you? :-)

  4. Pam, thank you so much. You are too nice.

    Michie, neither one of my wishes came true. I was still awake and they didn't win. Ouch! He was grumpy.

    Lori, love you as well. HUGS

  5. Was he watching the BCS championship game? We were for Alabama because they are part of the SEC. Of course, when we are in the regular season we don't like Alabama at all. lol
    That is a very sweet dress. I've been thinking about Easter too.

  6. Hey at least you tried to have inspiration. All I got is time spent with the Kia commercial guys. (well and the girls in the office that cut the nice big checks)

  7. I hid in my sewing room because my great hubby was already nervous before the game ever started. I did come out once to see if he was still alive (he was so quiet) not normal for him during a Alabama game! I just love that little dress I must see if I can find that CN and do it for my Kaylee she loves Wonder Pets which the dress reminds me so much of.


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