Friday, January 22, 2010

Cut a rug!

 Available at Viva Terra

My kids know me well. My daughter sent me this link because she thought of her momma. Of course she is confined to the couch with a torn tendon in her foot and can do nothing else but watch TV and search the net. So it is no surprise that she has time to find neat things. But still, it is cool. Not sure how it would work in a sewing room but it is still cute.


  1. Mother why can't you accept my no couch lifestyle? I've long ago said "DAMN THE COUCH MAN!" and I think it is time you realize that.
    It hurts me that you feel the need to constantly push a couch upon me.

    If anyone needs any "I wonder if there is someone out there that is bored and not able to move so I will subject them to my fabulous poetry to critique" work done... I'm available. For cheap.

  2. Oh and you can have the rug- I totally want those shoes.

  3. Love the rug! What a cute idea! Lucky you to have a daughter who is also a great personal shopper!

  4. I love the rug! I have an outside door to my new, not finished yet, sewing room. I think that would be perfect on the expresso brown painted floors.


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