About Me

"Southern Matriarch" that is what my oldest daughter has dubbed me from time to time. What she really said is "You have not lived until you have been raised by a Southern Belle with strong religious principles." Some kids have it tough. This Southern Matriarch has been married for 39 years and mother of four great kids, three sons in law, one daughter in law and five of the most beautiful grand-babies on the planet. I believe in southern charm, manners and family connections. God has blessed my life. My passions besides my family and faith are just about anything that involves a needle and thread. Have been sewing almost my whole life. I love heirloom sewing, smocking and hand embroidery. My #1 favorite project to do is a christening gown. There is no greater joy than to create something memorable for a baby's most important day.

One of my life's goals was to be a grandparent. It is a role I cherish deeply and Mimi is my favorite word in the world. The ones who call me that are:

Princess. She is six and half now. Its hard to believe she is so grown up. A very prim and proper young lady. Usually.

Wildman (l) is five. And lives up to his name. Never stops talking, moving or asking questions. Nugget(r) is three and half. Get out of his way, he is coming through! Don't be fooled by that arm over the shoulder, they are fighting over that toy. Neither one is willing to give up.

LG or Little Girl, as her mother has called her since the day she was born is 2 years old now, talks a blue streak and scales tall buildings.

LB, is four months old. Isn't she the prettiest thing? And so far, a very chill baby girl.

They are the main reason I sew and create. I can hardly imagine what life was like before they arrived, all five in six and half years with one sweet angel in heaven. Crazy, busy life but we love it.  

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