Sunday, May 22, 2016

Play Ball

Mimi can't forget the boys!  Summertime calls for t-shirts and shorts. I found this baseball embroidered seersucker at my local shop. It may be a Fabric Finder's fabric, but I'm not sure. It is lighter weight than I remember others being. So it is lined with Imperial broadcloth. Pattern is Children's Corner "Parker's Pants".

T-shirt applique is from Planet Applique, I think. T-shirt is purchased.

And since, I am not sure how much longer I can get away with this, I am running with it. The two year old Nugget will love it because he adores his older cousin. Wildman may begin to give me grief soon.We will see. For now, I can still make them match. I need more mannequins I think.

Until later, faithful reader. Keep stitching.

Friday, May 20, 2016


This Mimi is headed to see grandchildren. Since I had something for Princess, I certainly could not arrive empty handed for the others. Excuse these photos, it is a dark, dreary day here today.

A perennial favorite, Children's Corner "Taylor" for the Little Girl. LG is 19 months old and Momma has ordered as many bubbles as possible. She feels like this might be her last summer for bubbles, so she wants to take full advantage. Time was tight, (when isn't it?) and I can whip up a Taylor pretty quickly. This child will either love flamingoes as an adult or hate them. Fabric was purchased from Farmhouse Fabrics. It is a Riley Blake print.

Monogrammed, of course. I have no idea what this font is, I was in a hurry. And when in a hurry, covered buttons are quicker than digging through the buttons and trying to find a match.

And what is a bubble without ruffles on the hiney? I used the same method here for these ruffles as on this Taylor several years ago. I am sure she will be adorable climbing on the table in ruffled butt bubble as always.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

It Pays to Read

We all know the excitement of receiving goodies in the mail. Especially when you have a project ready to start and it arrives in the nick of time. Aren't these sweet translucent buttons just adorable? Ten sweet buttons are what I "ordered". (in my mind)

Imagine my surprise when I discover this bag o' buttons when I opened my package. I thought, 'that is odd, I wonder if they had an abundance and made this bag o' buttons one of their Free Gifts?" NO!

I decided to look at the invoice and there in highlighted text is "per 12 buttons"!! Of course I might be wrong, but I am rarely in doubt. I marched over to the computer just knowing that it was someone else's error! NOT!

Notice what it says right there in that green circle. Per 12! I am now the proud owner of 120 sweet pink buttons. Thank heaven it wasn't a button set that was $15 a set. It could be worse and I have no one to blame but myself.  Farmhouse Fabrics has always had great service, they have even called before when they thought there was an issue with an order. This was not their doing, it was 100% mine.

It. Pays. To. Read.
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