Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hitting the Road

Well faithful reader, I'm off. Off tomorrow to Martha Pullen's School of Art Fashion.


I'm going to do a little of this.

A little of that.

Some of this. (And yes those ARE my legs! haha)

A whole bunch of this!

Then I will do a little more of this...

So I can do this with my baby girl.

And then I am going to round out my trip with a little of this. I promise not to make the news. I will return with lots of news and hopefully some stitching to show off.

Eat drink and be merry, for next week Lent begins.

An oldie but goodie. I am not going to the home of the ORIGINAL Mardi Gras this time but it is a good reminder. Enjoy

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Little European Flair

Via Kikalakuka

Pinterest can be one of those awesome places or it can be just a wasted time sucker. Okay, so it can be both of those. In the interest of the former, there is also lots and lots of inspiration. I almost wish it would run on the tv screen without me sitting here so I could sew at the same time. It is like vegging on the couch for days watching HGTV while the messy dungeon of your house sits around you. Inspiration is not very useful unless you use it. Said in my most stern voice to myself more than anyone else.

Via Kikalakuka

That being said, several European (?) clothiers have shown up on Pinterest lately and I am a fan!  I will admit that the crossed over collar drives me crazy but other than that, I love this.

Via Angelina Kids

This retailer also has a blog. Just gorgeous stuff. I love this ice blue with the soft grey and white. I know a soon to be young man that just may look quite handsome in this combination. This is a boy's romper. Not sure my daughter will let me put a bishop romper on a boy, but I can make this color scheme work for him. Now to get my hands on that sumptuous twill fabric.

Via Angelina Kids

I adore this!! Love the "square" yoke design on the full smocked bodice. And those grey ribbons at the side. Breathtaking. I have always loved pink and grey together.

I hope this little bit of inspiration got you to thinking about stitching faithful reader. I have been stitching along with a whole lot of cooking going around here.

He needs face and whiskers but here is the first of 10 Peter Rabbits. I think they will like them. Not near as classic as the European garments but cute. I have a bishop, romper and jacket in the works.  Back to it.

And in case you missed it up there, our sweet new baby will be Blue! We are excited.

Stay warm and keep stitching faithful reader.
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