Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Holiday plus The Year in Review...and I've Been Outed

Hang on, this is a long one faithful reader.

My youngest son in law tells me that I can't post any "excuses" as to my absence of late faithful reader. Harumph I say. Let's say what did December consist of around here since my last post? 24 hours after my last post, I received a call from my daughter overseas asking me "could I come?" 72 hours after that my husband landed in the hospital. After some crazy juggling and some gracious rescheduling, a couple of the kids came at the drop of a hat while I zipped away. They stayed with their dad while I went...

here! What, you don't have time for a trip abroad two weeks before Christmas, faithful reader? What is a momma to do when her baby says, "Can you come?" Well get on a plane, of course. I helped babysit, house hunt, bathe and snuggle as well as travel home for the holidays. Lest you think it was all drudgery and hardship, there was a side trip

to the most delightful pasticceria you have ever seen! The Pasticceria Ferrari. I am sad there is no website. It is a delight for all of the senses.

Princess opted for a Santa cake. So cute but she wasn't touching that hot milk.

Mommy and I chose a more "healthful" option, Ha!, of berry tarts with hot chocolate that was the consistency of melted pudding. Oh my....

Enough of that, it was time to return home by racing through as many airports as possible. I hear the Munich airport is nice if you aren't running through it like a madman.

I returned home to a still recuperating husband late on the 17th. Yes, one short week before Christmas. There was a tree to put up, NINE pair of pj's to finish, shopping to do, gifts to wrap and preparing for the arrival of the rest of the family. Whew, and as you can see from the top photo it all came together and we had a wonderful, crazy, joyous, loud, fun holiday.

Now for that year in review.

  • Four Rompers
  • Two Machine Appliqued Sundresses w/bloomers
  • One Sundress no bloomers
  • One Slip
  • One Appliqu├ęd CC Lucy
  • Three Toddler Bibs
  • Two Undermachine Pocket Mats
  • Two Machine Embroidered Jackets
  • Six Monogrammed Scarves
  • Twelve Luggage Tags
  • One Bridal Garter
  • One Monogrammed Table Runner
  • One Monogrammed Silk Covered Hat Box
  • One Smocked Bodice Flower Girl Dress
  • Embroidery on "Liberty Rose" Inspirations #71 as well as signature square to insert into a friend's throw.
  • One Appliqued Long all
  • One Appliqued Jumper
  • Two Aprons
  • Two Doll Garments
  • NINE pair of Santa PJ's.
  • One Smocked/Embroidered baby dress
Total 58 items all along with
  • One Rotator Cuff Repair and 9.5 months of rehab
  • One SAGA Convention
  • One Half of a Local chapter Workshop
  • Two trips abroad
  • ANDDDD One Wedding for our youngest daughter
But really no excuses as to why I have been silent faithful reader. I have already started planning for the coming year. Easter outfits are planned and designing a christening gown has commenced because as I stated in the title, I have been outed.

Someone, aka Lori Anne, found the ticker at the bottom of this page. Our newlyweds have brought home a little Belizian souvenir from their honeymoon. We are blessed to be welcoming a new addition to the growing family at the end of June.

I hope your holidays were half as wonderful as ours were and that the New Year brings many, many blessings to you and those you love. I promise to post more in the coming weeks. I have a few Christmas projects to tell you about.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Anyone Ready for Christmas?

Not me! I am okay with it though. Strangely enough I don't feel too stressed by it. Perhaps someone has slipped something into my morning tea and I don't know it. I am crazy busy but not stressed. Where is that coming from? Right now I have about four projects in the works. I'll have pictures soon. Not stressed there. Hmmm.

Maybe because it is also Advent, which I love. I love the prayer. The quiet. The dark. The anticipation. All of it.

Most of all because soon all of my "peeps" will be here. They start converging in about two weeks. In all of their noise, their mess, their chaos and their dirty dishes. I can't wait. Everyone will be home for Christmas this year. We have had quite the year, lots of surprises, joys, sorrows, stress, worry and delight. For some reason just thinking about all of them being home for Christmas makes me a bit teary. I don't care what doesn't get done, what lists aren't accomplished; I just kind of need to get my hands on them and hug hard! We aren't quite sure how we are going to rearrange the furniture in order to seat everyone for dinner but that will come together as well.

So faithful reader, I have to head to bed so I can get back to the sewing machine in the morning. Then it is onto the tree and decking the halls. For now I will leave you with this, you will have to provide your own tissues.

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