Saturday, December 31, 2016

Time to Look Back

Time to look back at the previous year. What a year it has been! Here is the run down.
  • Nineteen Machine Embroidered T-Shirts (yes 19!)
  • Seven Dresses
  • Five Machine Embroidered Hooded Towels
  • Five Sew-Together Bags
  • Five Shorts
  • Three CC Lucy Jumpers
  • Three Smocked Dresses
  • Three Skorts
  • Two Knit Nightgowns
  • Two CC Taylor Bubbles
  • Two Kindergarten Quilts
  • One original smocking plate. You have to wait for the that one.
  • One Heirloom Baby Gown
  • One Machine Embroidered Knit Baby Gown
  • One Doll Dress
  • One Machine Embroidered Baby Dress
  • One Slip
  • One Quilted and Machine Embroidered Sewing Machine Mat
  • One Button on Bubble
  • One Smocked CC Carol
  • One Smocked Bishop
  • One Sailor Shorts Set (2 pcs)
  • One Monogrammed Shorts Set (2 pcs)
  • One Birthday Top/Pants (2 pcs)
  • One Ironing Board Cover
For a total of 69 items consisting of 71 pieces!  No wonder I'm tired. That is on average, one piece every four days. And we know I don't work at a leisurely ahead of schedule pace. There were some break neck days in there. These pieces involved
  • Twenty purchased embroidery blanks
  • Fifteen Children's Corner Patterns used for a total of Thirty Six times
  • One Old Fashioned Baby Pattern
  • One Trisha's Heirlooms Pattern
  • One Sew-Together Bag pattern
  • Thirty Six Different Machine Embroidery designs (includes monograms)
  • One original designed machine mat
Add to this:
  • Three Sewing Workshops
  • Two Magazine Articles (the reason one photo in the lot is blurred, look for it to come out next month)
  • One Tutorial
  • One Road Trip with two little girls for a photo shoot. (I am NOT a good stage mom. Think an exhausted, sweating, done in Mimi, but those girls looked great and had a ball!)
  • One Week of "Camp Mimi" for Four this year
  • 74 Days away from home, no trips abroad this year.
  • One Birthday Party
  • One Dance Recital
  • One Kindergarten Graduation
  • One First Day of School
  • Getting all fourteen of us together for a Family Portrait. This deserves BIG kudos. If you have grown children, ALL who do not live in the same town, you get it.
  • Three Holidays away from home.
  • Twelve Airline Flights
  • Thousands of miles on my car and my rear end.
And once again alllllll of this was trumped by some big news:
  • Our son and his wife announcing the coming of their first child due at Easter.
  • And the arrival of our fifth grandchild.

As I mentioned previously, she is the most chill baby. She is #3 for our youngest daughter that lives in New Orleans. Her big brother and big sister are totally in love as we all are.

What is in store for the new year? A new baby, first and foremost. A new christening gown for sure.  I want to do another CC Bessie for LG. Love that style on her. I am sure LOTS of machine embroidered t-shirts. Good grief! Why would anyone want to sell those for a living? They take me hours. I need to speed up my game. 

All in all, I consider myself very blessed. Stressed at times, but very blessed. I hope you have time to sit down and recant what you have accomplished this year. I am always surprised by the number. I missed not doing it last year. I may have to go back and try to do that. Thank goodness I take photos of everything I make so I can make a tally. This year some of my photos were way less than optimum. And what is even more staggering is that the number doesn't include the things I started and didn't finish! I almost dread taking any classes this year. Have not completed a class project from this year at all. Dang. Time to get cracking.

What are you working on faithful reader? Until next time...

See Ya!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Merry Christmas and Hello Baby!

Merry Christmas! It is still Christmas in my mind. No tree was decorated at Mimi's, no wreath hung but Christmas was celebrated anyway. Just not at home. I was away from home 27 days from late November until the 28th of December. I did return home for about 10 days in there. And Santa brought the best present of all, Baby Lottie.

She is really LG's baby. She has insisted from the first moment she saw her "My baby!" and we are just allowed to visit.

I hope your holidays have been merry and bright, I will catch up all of the sewing that happened since October in a few days.

For now just gaze on the chillest, most relaxed baby ever born. Baby Lottie born December 5th weighing 7# 8oz of pure delightfulness.

Friday, December 2, 2016

So much going on!

No faithful reader, I have not forgotten you. There is so much going on in life right, there aren't enough pages here to tell you about it. I am currently speding time with this sweet girl awaiting her baby sister's arrival. Soon, we hope. Holidays? What are those? 
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