Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Lost My Mind!

Convention has so many high points. Girlfriends, meeting new friends, (hey Janet, hey Vicki), of course classes and learning new things. All that being said, there are two big highlights; market day and banquet.  I was walking to market, chatting with my friends. A lot of these gals don't have local sources for supplies or are not comfortable orderinng online. Neither of those situations pertain to me so there REALLY isn't a thing I need. I even said so as we strolled along on the way. "There is nothing I need."

I. Lost. My. Mind. between the door and the first table in front me. Lost. My. Mind! 


Before I knew it I had bought this delightful set of Dovo scissors from Vaune of There is a third pair snuggled under the leather flap. They jumped into my bag and my credit card jumped right out. I was off to the races and there was no stopping me then.

I bought laces, patterns, buttons and interfacing as well. There was nothing I needed.


I have also made my donation for raffle basket tickets. Banquet is tonight, wish me luck. 


In class today we are cutting into our Liberty of London lawn. 

Later, friends. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

SAGA Convention Day 2


Today, the weather may be rainy and grey but inside we are playing with Liberty lawn, pique and gingham. Can you hear the angels sing?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

That Time of Year Again


Its that time of year!!! Time for SAGA convention. This year convention is in Hampton VA. A week of stitching and girlfriend time. It doesn't get much better than that.


First day of class is faggotting Phyllis Brown.


Time to get back to class... 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Sweet Sweet Girl

The littles have been here for a visit. This sweet girl enjoyed a girl's afternoon with Mommy and Mimi. Mommy snapped this pic before we left, just melts your heart. She is wearing her Easter dress I posted here.

She has grown quite a bit since Easter. Look at those sweet chubby knees peeking out now.  I think another CC Bessie is in her future.

Mimi had a bit of fun as well. LG's first trip to the American Girl store.

These are the memories that make life sweet.

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Few Modeling Moments.

First up is the bubble I just posted last week here. I'm not sure what she is doing with the leg there, but all of the photos where she isn't doing that, turned out blurry. Isn't that always the case? I love the way it fits. I made it longer in the stride length intentionally so it would "bubble" out. She is a clothes horse! When she tries on something new, she doesn't want to take it off. Ignore the wrinkles, it came straight from the suitcase.

Next up is the birthday dress posted here. Also love the fit on this one. Not the best photo.

The only photo of the robot shirts. LG is wearing Children's Corner Mamie with Frannie bloomers a dear friend made for her.

In other news, all of the kids except LG started school. Always a big day. I love how clean and crisp all of their uniforms look with their fresh haircuts and clean faces. It won't take long for that image to change. Especially those boys.

This has got to be one of my favorite photos from the first days of school. Some little man was more interested in making faces at himself in the shiny mail slot. Too cute. If only they would stay little like this forever.

I am off to plan little pink daygowns. I have not sewn one thing for the new baby yet. Time to remedy that!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Just Playin'

Sometimes I do get to just play. I had run across a button on bubble a few months ago that I just fell in love with. I am not usually adverse to plunking' down my money but this time I just wanted to see if I could re-create it. Its not like there isn't a closet full of fabric needing to be sewn. This is my take on that button on bubble.

I also have friends with way better memories than I possess She remember that in this old issue of Sew Beautiful magazine there is a Button on Dress by Cheryl Davidson. I used that for my bib.

For the bottom bubble portion I adapted Children's Corner Wright.

I am pleased with how it turned out. I am anxious to see it on Little Girl. It is a size 2.

In retrospect  I should have used smaller buttons up the back but since it is a play bubble made from easy care poly/cotton skip dent by Spechler-Vogel and broadcloth I am okay with it. Sadly the skip dent no longer comes in colors. Since the skip dent is very sheer, I lined the bubble portion with batiste to prevent her mickey mouse diaper from peeking through.

The machine embroidery I showed you last week came from SWAK Embroidery. It is called "Following Mama" there are many other designs in the set I plan to use in the future.

So if you see something you like, look through your pattern stash and see if you can replicate it. I'll let you know how it fits. Thank goodness, Little Girl lives in a warm climate and wear it for a few months yet.

I couldn't leave the others out, so the embroidery machine to the rescue. Not always a faster option. The apple for our big First Grader came from Creative Appliqué on Etsy. The boys will get this friendly robot also on Etsy from Ladder Hill Designs.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What is on the Machine?

I was on the road last week, sorry to have missed you. Heres what's on the machine today. I'm excited about it. Hopefully I can show you in a day or so.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

On the machine

Whatcha workin' on? Pink gingham and aqua chambray is what I am working on.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Have Fallen and Can't Get up

Man down! When you barely touch something and bam to the floor it goes, pieces everywhere. The struggle is real. Your first instinct is to immediately order another. Then a shred of common sense intercedes with a whisper "Maybe it can be fixed?" Soooo off on the search into the cave known as the garage. Wood glue!

Sadie Stand is back on the job. Not much worse for the wear, She won't hold up a Mac truck but she can wear a toddler's dress. Whew. Though I do need to order a bigger sister for the two I have. :sniff sniff: Princess has outgrown the larger one that I have.

Keep stitchin',  faithful reader.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Princess

A summer birthday calls for a breezy summer dress. And I hope this dress fits the bill.

I used Children's Corner Emily, View B. I like the shaped bodice but will admit attaching that skirt to the bodice is a challenge.  You pleat the skirt first then ease it onto the bodice. Next time, I am taking deeper pleats to reduce the amount needed to be eased onto that bodice.

I used a Swiss pique from the closet. I bought it has a precut from Bear Threads during market at SAGA Convention in Atlanta. A dream to work with. Comes out of the dryer needing very little ironing. The collar is Spechler-Vogel poly/cotton pique. A standard choice for collars for me. The dress and collar are  piped with pima cotton gingham.

All in all I like the dress, those few puckers drive me crazy but I'm going with it.  Its light, breezy and perfect for summer.

Happy Birthday to this sweet girl! Six going on thirteen. They grow up too fast but everyone is excited.

We are anxious to welcome our newest addition later in the year.
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