Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bunnies in a Garden of Liberty

Remember when I teased another photo of Liberty© yumminess here? Well I finished that project and can now share it with you.

My local SAGA chapter hosted Gail Doane for a workshop a few weeks ago. As is our custom, our chapter provided table favors and door prizes to the attendees. Three of us worked on the table favors and these were my offering to the effort. They are even cuter in person.

They are a simple pincushion that feature sweet spring bunnies surrounded by a garden of luscious Liberty Tana Lawn© for the tops. I found a redwork bunny machine embroidery design for the centers. I altered the design a bit to make it smaller. No one needs a dinner plate sized pincushion. They are embroidered on a denimy-twill like fabric. (How is that for official sounding? Denimy, a new word.) After all the bunnies were embroidered I cut them apart and then added the strips of Liberty© around them randomly. I had no pattern, just winged it.

No two are alike. I deliberately did not plan which fabrics to add to each bunny. I liked the randomness of it. There are a couple of lawns that snuck in there that may not be a Liberty© prints but are wonderful none the less. How many prints can you name? Why DO we feel the need to know the name of the Liberty© prints? Since the strips were only an inch wide, not a lot of Liberty© was sacrificed for the project. The tops are sewn onto a layer of batting to do the "paper piecing" sewing to create the tops. Plus it gives the top a bit more oomph.

Each pincushion is finished with a homespun type fabric I got from a quilt shop. It actually was in my stash which is why I don't know exactly what it is. I know where and when I bought it, just don't remember its name. I did round the corners for ease of construction. There was a fleeting moment of insanity that I BRIEFLY considered piping these. After a stern talking to myself, I gave up on that idea. What was I thinking anyway?

When they were complete, they were quite the sight to behold. Lurve!

They were fun to work on. I hope you enjoyed our Bunnies in a Garden of Liberty.


  1. Wish I'd been sitting at one of those tables!

    1. We would have loved to have you! It was a great time. And my project is almost finished.

  2. I was lucky enough to get one! The Spirit of St. Louis Smocking guild sets a crazy high bar when they plan a class. Thanks to everyone!

    1. :) You know, "Presentation is everything".

  3. Funny thing when I looked at the third photo down I thought you had piped them and said "she didn't ??" and apparently you didn't. Love them !!


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