Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Passing It On

Don't those little dimpled hands just make your heart sing? Three of the littles were here at the end of February. One day it was just the older two and Mimi at home. So what to do but sew? In digging through my stash, I only had two novelty fabrics large enough to offer to the project, pillowcases.

Nugget was first. but there was no one here to take his picture while he sewed. He was single minded, only wanted the end result. Had no interest in the process at all. "Are we finished yet" was his constant mantra. LG on the other hand was fascinated by the entire thing. And picked up what I expected of her quickly.

She didn't want to keep her hands where I wanted them though, she wanted to investigate how the machine worked. Hence Mimi has a death grip on her hands.  She was enthralled watching that needle making the stitches. Does this Mimi's heart good. Perhaps this summer, during Camp Mimi 2017 the girls can have squeeze in some more machine time.

Here they are with their finished pillowcases. Too cute! They proudly have them displayed on their beds at home.

Our littlest seamstress can not be deterred. When she wants something, she will have it. She uses these chairs to get into all kinds of predicaments both here and at home. Momma has threatened to make them into firewood. More than once. Here she is doing the dishes even though her Momma said otherwise.

I hope you have a little one in your life with which to share your passion. Don't be afraid to try, they may surprise you.


  1. Oh, those sweet little hands. We also hold a Camp Mimi here. I hadn't thought doing a sewing machine project. Nice idea.

  2. Martha!! how wonderful!! How old is she?? I was thinking about my [2] two yo. One listens the other not so much. Maybe a travel pillow...they ride around quite a bit!!

  3. love those hands - maybe continue to take pictures like that as she grows and the projects the two of you made??????

    you got a new bernina!!!!! :) how do you like this model??? my 1630 is still going strong but I did add a 200.

    many blessings

  4. I love sewing with my grandchildren - boys and girls. They start early coming in the sewing room with me. I have them sit on my lap with their hands on the back of mine. They can pull pins when I tell them and cut the threads. The youngest is just a year old but she knows that the tape measure goes over her tummy. My 7yr old granddaughter has started sewing on her own. We entered her tote in the state fair last year and she was so proud of her blue ribbon and prize money.


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