Sunday, April 2, 2017

Its April, Must be Time

Must be time for a little baseball. Instead of Opening "Day" its been Opening Night for primetime tv reasons I am sure. I even bypassed my usual Sunday night viewing of PBS. :)

This guy is the man of the hour today all over the news. They do love their baseball here. Its always a good time to be in the Gateway City when these boys are back to what they do best.

Back to your regularly schedule evening. Be glad, I could have posted about...

this! Let's be honest though, I'll take a giraffe over politics any day.

Back to slogging through this sewing room. You can't even see the floor in here today.


  1. hmmmmm, Good Morning and can I throw in a spirited "Let's Go Bucs!"?
    xo :)

  2. Hi There!
    I was searching for the Sew Beautiful clothing line and came across your post. Do you mind me asking were you purchased the Sew Beautiful Outfits?


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