Friday, April 7, 2017

A Bunny for Baby


Coming in under the wire as usual. Our Christmas time baby is having her First Easter.

Big sister, LG, is wearing her Lolli-Hop Lane from the Spring 2017 of Classic Sewing Magazine for Easter. Since this photo was taken last summer when LG was just twenty months old, the hem needed to be let down and baby sister needed a matching dress.

Children's Corner Aprons
Again, I used Children's Corner Carol which is included with their Aprons pattern. Lucky for me it comes in sizes 6mos - 4. Our sweet girl is a peanut, I fear the size 6 mos might still be a tad too roomy. We will see.

Since baby is only four months she can't have a lollipop stick. :) For safety sake, I made the stick into an old fashioned Saf-t-pop handle. Remember those? (Ironically enough, the dentist used to hand them out when I was a kid.) I also pleated/smocked fewer rows to have the smocked area more proportional for the smallest size. The handle is a 70-75 wrap bullion loop that I couched down in about 3 places along the bottom curve and made a straight stitch just under the bow tie over the ends of the loop.

A sweet Easter treat for a sweet baby girl. Again the fabrics as well as a complete kit are available from Farmhouse Fabrics.

I think the aqua/pink color combo will be beautiful on our fair, sweet baby. She is my best chance at a redhead. Praying it sticks.

I did not use the gingham covered buttons on the back. Sweet girl is still a lay-about baby and I didn't think the covered shank buttons would be very comfy. These cute pink and white buttons look great and match the color of the piping.

I hope your Easter sewing is finished and you will be relaxing this week, dreaming of chocolate bunnies.


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