Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Road Trip to Lolli-Hop Lane

Have you received your latest issue of Classic Sewing Magazine?  If you have, you may have spotted two of the sweetest grandgirls on the planet. Page 51 to be exact. The little one was excited to go anywhere with older cousin but that oldest one was excited beyond measure. This was her gateway to the big time. This is the tale of one Mimi's summertime road trip with two little girls. If you know anything about magazines, you know there is quite the lead time. Our trip happened last July when LG was 21 months old and Princess had just turned 6.

Like I said, that little one will barely let "Errararie" out of her sight. She won't even let her sit in a chair alone. This was the morning we were leaving. Hairs are done, teeth are brushed and breakfast has been eaten. Time to get started.

It was an exciting day, Mimi had new books, puzzles and for desperate times, DVD's at the ready. Loaded up and everyone was all smiles. We stopped at Princess's favorite place for lunch, "the biscuit place". You may know it as Cracker Barrel. She was in heaven. LG did great on the five hour drive but by the time we were at the hotel she was pretty much done in. This look of squeezing her cheeks is her way of saying "Mimi, I'm done!" Princess even succumbed to a cat nap in the sunny, warm car.

"Don't even think I'm going to get back in that car. Don't mind me, I'm just going to stroll up and down this sidewalk wall."

It was time for some dinner, baths, removing daddy done manicures and reading books. It did not take long before it was slumberland for two tired baby girls.

Next morning we were up early to "get ready", they look pretty nervous here but just prior to this there had been some serious bouncing off the walls. They were excited. Mimi threw all rules to the wind and let LG have her paci. She was deep in the depths of stranger danger at this age and I wanted all comfort measures at hand. Besides, Mommy wasn't there to tell us no.  We were off, it was just a short drive from our hotel to the office where the shoot would take place. Hoffman Media's offices are located in a beautiful part of Birmingham.

If you sneak over to the Press Page, tab at the top of the page, you will see that Princess had the opportunity to model for the fall issue. This was great for two reasons, Princess got to "model" alone and it also gave LG time to watch how this process worked. Again trying to ease by that stranger danger.

Phyllis DePiano and Kathy McMakin were great with the girls. Notice the Kleenex in the floor used as diversions for LG.

By the time it was their turn together, the little one was reassured that all was safe and she spied the basket of toys and books. She was ready! Princess was very patient with the rookie.

All the while the photographer Mac Jamieson was snapping away. LG never even noticed him. If she had she would have immediately given him her "cheese" face.

Excuse the not so great phone pics. I was trying to stay out of the way.

Believe it or not, we weren't really there for the girls! :) I had just taken along my own models for this issue's submission. "Lolli-Hop Lane". Featuring chocolate bunny lollipops. I had this idea rolling around in my head for a couple of years. I finally got it from the idea stage to the fabric stage.

Dress fabric is a chambray from Farmhouse Fabrics, insert is Imperial broadcloth. Collar is Spechler-Vogel poly/cotton tone on tone stripe called Skip Dent. All piped with Fabric Finders pima cotton gingham. (Click the links for resources) Anchor floss is from Floss colors and smocking graph are included in the magazine.

Pattern for the big girl's dress is Children's Corner Louise with a Ruthie Sleeve and a Lee collar. I love that Ruthie sleeve on an older girl. Gives a little puff without being too young.

I also modified the construction order of Louise to insert piping all around the waist of the dress. Excuse the wrinkles from handling.

For little girl's style, I used Children's Corner Carol which is included in the Aprons pattern. I modified the smocking just a tad for the single bunny, giving him a bottom border. The bunnies are all finished off with big polka-dot bows. We love big bows around here!

I'm known for many things, one of which is my love of gingham, so the buttons and back placket are also done with gingham.  You can never have too much gingham in my mind but I rarely make an entire garment from gingham. Hmmm? Wonder why.

I loved the colors and I love my lollipops and no, there is no mistake in the magazine, they don't have eyes. I didn't like the bunnies with eyes. If yours need eyes, feel free to add them. I hope you send me photos of your version of Lolli-Hop Lane.

Modeling is hard work and we were all spent! Thank goodness there is no photo of Mimi, I am not cut out to be a stage mom. I was a ragged mess by the time we were finished. They look a little ragged too.  Some paci time, a short nap and we ready to go again.

Met a friend for lunch to top off our day. We had lunch at Ashley Mac's. The sour cream biscuits are worth a five hour drive anytime! We even took some to go.

LG did great for so many hours in the car in such a short time. The last half hour of the drive home was her Waterloo, she was done. She had had enough. And this was the song of her people. "Unca" is her brother, and no his name is not Unca. By this time Mimi had let them watch TV and Princess was fully engrossed with Calliou or Snoopy, not sure which one. All in all it was a great time and I look forward to the opportunity to do it again. Anytime spent with my grands is a good time.

Thanks for indulging this proud Mimi. 

If you have not subscribed, I hope you will. If not, single copies are for sale at your local JoAnn or Barnes and Noble.


  1. What wonderful memories you have and they will have all their lives. Congratulations on your beautiful outfits and they are two TWO beautiful little ladies. Looking forward to the new one and the recent one adding to the photos!!

  2. I loved this post!! And seeing them in the magazine.

  3. Congratulations Martha for a job well done....I was at a dead run for the most of the day when the mailmen handed me Classic Sewing literally trotting after our Weimaraner "Thor" who was up to no good at all. Not being able to sit down properly, I began looking at the issue from the back which meant I had no idea the design name to give a clue...I immediately recognized the theme as being lollipop's and was just amazed at the idea thinking how clever and unique when I turn the page and discover this was your creation and how beautiful Princess has become of course LG is just darling.

    Congratulations again love that you are making such wonderful memories for your grand daughters.

  4. Ohhhh, how special!! {But we do have a beef with you coming to Birmingham, and not letting us know}. We'd love to see you on your next trip to the "Big Time"!

    1. Oh guys, we would love to have visited. To be honest we were in town less than 24 hours. A real fly by because Princess had to get home. Next time, we will make a date.

  5. My Classic Sewing was lost in the mail! I was in panic mode. When a replacement arrived two weeks later I was thrilled! Your article is beautiful. I have never smocked, but desperatly want to try your single bunny. Advice?

    1. Thank you. I'm so glad your copy arrived. And thank you for subscribing. The single bunny would be a great introduction into picture smocking. I might would try a simple geometrics plate first before I plunged into picture smocking. Not sure where you live to recommend local resources. Email me through the link on the home page and I will see if I can direct you.

  6. Fantastic! Love the article and this post. You and your granddaughters will have such wonderful memories. You are a special Mimi.

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