Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Few Quick Projects with Terrible Pictures

I just needed to do something quick and cute. These were the results. Excuse the not so good pictures.

I still have a few Sew Beautiful knit rompers left in the stash. Momma loves rompers/bubbles/knit. Easy care, easy dressing and cute. To that end I dug up two that would fit the two littlest girls right now.

Unfortunately I didn't have two the same color in appropriate sizes. To tie them together in the "dressing sisters alike" my plan was to match the embroidery.

I used a machine embroidery from Mommy's Apron Strings on Etsy. Isn't he cute?  The font used is from Jolson's. I think they turned out cute and are headed to the post office today.

Mimi couldn't forget brother. He is almost four, so my time for him is running out. Like his cousin counterpart, I'm limited to t-shirts and shorts. That is ok. I bought this fabric from Children's Corner a couple of years ago. Aged long enough. The t-shirt is the last one in his size in the closet. Oops, might need to order more. Momma is not usually a fan of white t-shirts but I am hoping he is leaving behind the era of wearing his entire meal on his shirt.

I know there are many who are gasping. The embroidery design is a "faux smocking" machine embroidery from Appliqué Corner.  I have been known to make loud noises of how I would "never" stitch one of those. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Make your words sweet for when you have to eat them. I tried to flip the design so it matched the shorts. Brain freeze. I know how and did it, then I flipped it again because I thought the headlights were taillights. DUH!

Shorts are Parkers Pants of course. I lined them with broadcloth. It makes them more wrinkle proof plus they have more body.

I hope there is something quick and cute in your day faithful reader. Now off to make something for the other address. :)


  1. You know us so well. My chin actually dropped open. Turned out so cute, though - perfect with that print. Love the puppy rompers, too.

  2. They're all so very cute! And I've said the very same thing about the faux smocking! LOL. Do you mind sharing how you lined the shorts? I'm making a few pairs of these for my cousin's son, and some of them could actually use a lining.

  3. These are all so cute! We need a tutorial on lining Parker shorts for those of us who can't think it through, haha!


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