Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stashbusting for Summer

Lets see if this works. In a rush I uploaded some quick pics to try and come back and edits posts while away from my desktop. 

Not sure if you have heard but I have a TON of fabric in the closet. I fear it is way more than I will ever sew up. I am TRYING to not purchase a lot of fabric and stitch up what is in there. Sadly, shorts don't use up very much per pair, especially 60" wide fabric. Anyhoo, here goes a few projects to come.

Scalloped shorts are all the rage. Plus too cute for words. I bought this fabric a couple of years ago, I don't  remember where. No surprise there. I love the red with aqua combo though.  The bow on the front is simply a tube of fabric tied in a bow and tacked on. I'll be interested to see how it launders. The shorts are 100% cotton and the bow is poly/cotton.

The scallops were pretty easy to achieve. There are lots of tutorials online. I used this one:

I even put a pocket on the back. The pattern for the shorts are Children's Corner Parker's Pants. I may have to replace my pattern I have used it so much. Its looking pretty ragged. For my littles it fits great in the crotch length and they aren't too full in the leg. I am not a fan of the crotch down to their knees look. 

The T Shirt is from ARB Blanks embroidered with a floral design from Applique Corner.

Princess is growing up too fast!! She is almost seven and looking every day of it. She is pretty easy to sew for because she rarely says she doesnt like something. Except oatmeal. 😂 Will not eat it.

I have always been able to sew the size that matches her age. These shorts are a size 7. Since I have that ton of fabric I want to make some more of these for summer. She gets a lot of wear from warm weather clothes. 

I hope you are sewing something fun, faithful reader. I have a lotmore to show you in the days to come. 


  1. They've been worn already since you left 4 days ago! And the bow washed up great- just needed a quick press.

  2. Super cute shorts set and beautiful child! Your post is timely; I purchased the larger size Parker's Pants today and deliberately didn't allow myself to purchase more fabric (but I did look and yearn for more!). I too am hoping to use up some stash fabric soon and will definitely be trying a pair of scalloped Parker's Pants shorts!

  3. The scallops on the shorts are so cute! I cut out a bunch of clothes for my 15-month old granddaughter and didn't put a dent in my fabric stash. Sigh.

  4. She is soooo cute - and so is her outfit 😊

  5. Love the outfit super cute! I will try to make them for my daugthers love everything you create!

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  10. They've been worn already since you left 4 days ago! And the bow washed up great- just needed a quick press.

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