Saturday, May 7, 2016

It Pays to Read

We all know the excitement of receiving goodies in the mail. Especially when you have a project ready to start and it arrives in the nick of time. Aren't these sweet translucent buttons just adorable? Ten sweet buttons are what I "ordered". (in my mind)

Imagine my surprise when I discover this bag o' buttons when I opened my package. I thought, 'that is odd, I wonder if they had an abundance and made this bag o' buttons one of their Free Gifts?" NO!

I decided to look at the invoice and there in highlighted text is "per 12 buttons"!! Of course I might be wrong, but I am rarely in doubt. I marched over to the computer just knowing that it was someone else's error! NOT!

Notice what it says right there in that green circle. Per 12! I am now the proud owner of 120 sweet pink buttons. Thank heaven it wasn't a button set that was $15 a set. It could be worse and I have no one to blame but myself.  Farmhouse Fabrics has always had great service, they have even called before when they thought there was an issue with an order. This was not their doing, it was 100% mine.

It. Pays. To. Read.


  1. LOL! I'll bet you can get rid of those buttons fast if you only say the word! Your friend will buy some off you! Hope you have more pink dresses to make!

  2. They are pretty. Sort of mistake I would make. ;)

  3. Glad I'm not the only one..... The only difference is, mine usually arrive either tiny, tiny or gigantic because I only look at the picture and don't read the dimensions.

  4. One can never have too many sweet pink buttons! Blame it on the allergies and watery eyes, if all else fails!

  5. I did something similar once with yarn, when I was new to knitting with the "good stuff." The pattern called for 600 yards. I ordered 6 one-hundred gram skeins. That gave me about TWO-THOUSAND-FOUR-HUNDRED yards! A bit more than I needed. But I did have fun sharing my bounty with others. "Here. Take a skein! Please take a skein!!!"

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