Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tiny Bubbles

Who can resist a sweet bottom covered in ruffles? No, my sewing room is not 100% complete, but I just had to cut out some fabric and sew! And when you don't have to dig through your fabric it is a quick decision on what to grab.

I made this adorable bubble for baby. It is Children's Corner, Taylor.

The fabric is a mutli colored "bubble" print from my stash. I have no idea where I got it. I don't think I have had it long but who knows. It is 100% cotton but the piping and ruffles are poly/cotton Imperial microcheck. No one wants to try and iron those ruffles.

The ruffles are 1 1/4" strips cut on the straight of grain. The edges are roll edge finished with my serger. I used a wooly nylon in the loopers to give a heavier finish. I can't wait to see it on her.

The christening gown design is on paper and getting ready to be on fabric. I am headed out on a short road trip. I hope to get the embroidery well under way in the car. When I return that sewing room will be completed and the former sewing room cleaned out and set up because...

baby needs a crib at Mimi's house! This is where she slept Friday night. Storms knocked out power at her house and it is HOT here. So she spent the night at Mimi's in a dresser drawer. Now I have to admit she was too stinkin' cute in that drawer but that solution won't be safe for very long.

And since everyone needs a parting shot of our beautiful baby;

She is wearing this and looking too cute.

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  1. I think we needed a pic of her in the drawer... :) Love the taylor. It is one of my favorites!

  2. I'm with Robin, we need a drawer pic! Too, too, sweet. (But Martha, the Sew Beautiful blog tour giveaway has already long since happened--and no I didn't win, darn it!)

  3. She is just soooooo beautiful!

  4. Yep, we need a pic of her in the drawer! She is just beautiful!
    And the ruffle buns outfit is just precious. I can't wait to see it on her.

  5. Your sewing looks incredible! I know that you are enjoying having this sweet grand daughter around! You are now officially in the grandmother's club and she is one lucky girl to have a personal seamstress of your caliber! Ann Denton

  6. Love, Love, Love this. Too cute. So baby.


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