Monday, August 9, 2010

Fruits of My Labor

Not sewing but almost as satisfying. 24 jars of peach jam made yesterday. I have another 24 jars to do today.  Baby continues to grow and delight us. Baby mommy continues to get better and amaze us. Youth and prayer are wonderful things.

My new sewing room is in the process of being made ready. My son is upstairs now sanding, painting and generally making the huge mess you have to do first before you see results. I have taken "in progress" pictures.

I HAVE to get into my current sewing room today to prepare samples for a smocking class I am teaching here at a local fabric store in two weeks.

And I have to prepare samples for some exciting posts...Be watching here tomorrow for some new additions and an awesome giveaway!!!!! You will be able to say you knew me when! :) Till tomorrow.


  1. Martha, your energy is amazing -- we know where Erin gets her resiliency! Will be watching for updates, as prayers of healing continue for her!

  2. So glad Baby and Mommy are doing well. I made pea hull jelly a couple of weeks ago. I have enough liquid to make more, just haven't done it.

    I just finished two sun dresses just alike except the coordinating trim is different colors. The garden produce slowed me down in finishing them, but fortunately they aren't going to fit until next summer. I can't believe I'm ahead already.


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