Monday, August 2, 2010

Thank you faithful readers

First I wanted to say thank you, faithful readers, for all of the comments, prayers and emails regarding our baby mommy. She came home from the hospital yesterday. It was a very long 10 days. She is thrilled to be back home with her beautiful baby and we are all glad she is. She is feeling good and working towards a full recovery. We are looking for the re-start button to getting life back to normal. As I told my daughter this morning, we have to find out what normal is now.

Getting hungry, hurry up Mimi!

But this precious gift will help us all do that. She is wearing a gown her Mimi made, but her mommy smocked. She did a great job! It is a simple daygown of Imperial batiste smocked in ecru with ecru lace at the neck and sleeves.

 I used Baby Daygowns, Book IV by Ginger Snaps Designs to make the gown. Mommy smocked it using the plate provided in the pattern.

And here is a serene shot with a full tummy. If you want to make a quick gift that is smocked, this gown is perfect. It can be preconstructed as I did and smocked in a couple of evenings. It buttons down the back to make it easy to dress and undress baby.

Hopefully I can get back into the sewing room this week. Up first, laundry.


  1. All the best to you and your family. Glad she is home and so wonderful to see baby in hand made lovelies.. HUGS>>Karin no response required...I am there with you in spirit.

  2. I was sooooo delighted to open up your post to read that your daughter is home with her precious little one. What a blessing it has been to have you there! Blessings for a wonderful day!

  3. Oh, Martha, I'm so glad to hear this news! Prayers continue for you and your family.

  4. What wonderful news! So glad that Baby Mommy is HOME and can enjoy her beautiful blessing {who is extrememly well-dressed}!

    Prayers for you all!

  5. That is wonderful news that your daughter was able to come home. I hope that she will regain strength and energy quickly. That has to be the best-dressed baby of all time! I have that pattern but have never made it. It looks like you passed down your sewing talent to your dd. She did a beautiful job with the smocking!

  6. PTL, Martha!! My husband, a retired family physician, kept asking & asking me how the new Mommy was doing after I relayed all her difficulties post delivery. He delivered thousands of babies in his 40 yrs. of practice & said he'd never had any mother be as sick as your DD. We were both very, VERY worried about her!

    I'm so glad life will be getting back to normal. Just look at that precious gift from God!! Those long fingers will be doing beautiful handwork someday, I'm sure. :D


  7. What wonderful news, Martha, and welcome home, dear Erin! Find that "restart" button quickly!!!!!
    Prayers continue as you all heal, physically and mentally, and sleep-wise!

  8. I'm so glad to hear your good news. Now your family can really enjoy that sweet baby.

  9. That is wonderful news. I am so glad for your family.

  10. I'm so glad Erin is home and on the way to a full recovery. You take care of you Martha, not long until Convention.

  11. Love seeing pics of that baby girl. Love even more that Erin is home.

  12. Oh Martha, somehow I missed that your daughter was so ill. I am so sorry. I would have been praying if I had paid more attention. But I am so glad she is better. I will pray for continued healing and health. Your baby girl is soooooo precious!


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