Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year plus a few stitches

 Happy New Year!!!!! I hope you celebrated the turning of the decade in the most meaningful way. We dined with friends, saw the ball drop, kisses and hugs all around to a round of champagne. The resident men here celebrated today in the all American way, with football! I sat and stitched while the requisite black eyed peas simmered. I have finished the car dress. I tried to take some photos this evening but they just don't turn out as well for me at night. So just a teeny peek until tomorrow.

Yes, some of my rolling and whipping shows on the front when you are zoomed in this close, but on the finished gown as a whole you don't notice it as much.

I thought I did a better job of ironing than this, so will have to touch it up before I take more pics tomorrow. Hope you started your year off with a stitch or three.


  1. I can't wait to see the rest of this dress! The snail shirring is lovely and the eyelets in the center of the little pink flowers are beautiful! I have yet to tackle eyelets. Maybe this year.

  2. Your work is beautiful.
    Got a question for you,
    What is your favorite form of marking the design?
    And how many strands of thread do you use?

  3. Thanks everyone.

    Karen, eyelets are fun. Look at the tutorial I have on them. Quick and easy.

    Thank you Bunny. Hope you are feeling well.

    Pam, I used a clover blue wash out marker and one strand of Anchor floss for the embroidery.

    Thanks Julia.

  4. Hi! I checked out your tutorial and they don't look too terribly difficult. Would any 100% cotton fabric be okay for eyelets or is linen the only way to go? It looks like 2010 will see eyelets from me (I hope)!

  5. I know I'm late with posting this, but I just had to comment on the black-eyed peas. Middle dd (she's 18) announced the other day that she never knew that black-eyed peas were anything other than the group (you know with Fergie)! Ha ha. What can I say, we live in the south, but the southWEST, and are midwestern transplants at that. I've never eaten them, so I really couldn't explain them to her myself. I vaguely remember that you eat them on New Years Day for good luck?


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