Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A non sewing favorite

You know, I am a simple person. I don't need much. It doesn't take much to make me happy. (no comments from my children!) That being said, there are some things that kind of irk me. Not many, just a few.

One is not being able to find a mug/cup that will meet all of my requirements. They aren't difficult. I want a cup that will hold enough tea to make it worth it. The pretty teacup above is sweet when you are partaking of tea with your girlfriends, but it won't do when I am at home, either just awakened or flipping cold as I am now and I want some TEA! I want a mug that can hold more than a quarter cup. I want a mug that can keep my tea hot, is that too much to ask? But the worst is I want a mug that allow me to reheat my tea. I might not drink all of it in one swig, and it gets cold. Most mugs won't allow me to do that.

No, the mug isn't holding me hostage but have you ever tried to reheat what was left by zapping it in the microwave? You go to remove the mug from the microwave only to be cursed by third degree burns on your hands! You quick grab a pot holder, figure you'll survive but you realllllllly want another sip of tea. You bring it to your lips to be met with ICE COLD tea. Aggggh. that really bugs me. What good is a microwave if all it does is heat the *&^% cup? I'm not trying to drink the cup. 

I have one mug that works great. It was given to me by one of my kids. I don't know what it is made of or what makes it different but it has been the ONLY mug in my cabinet that allows the contents to be reheated without taking on the temperature of molten lava.

There is a problem when there is only one, it's like only having one bra, sometimes it is dirty. Or I have left it somewhere and can't find it. Edited to add for all my smartypants commenters: It's like having only one bra that is sometimes dirty OR I have left my mug somewhere and can't find it.

Right before Christmas when I was shopping, I stumbled across a mug that looked interesting. Held promise. Enticed me with the sweet hope that perhaps, THIS would be the one.

I found it here. Yes it was expensive. More expensive than a coffee/tea mug should be. But you don't know how I have searched for this. And it is a set after all. You get TWO of them. I wasn't going to let the price stand in the way of my tea happiness.

The boxer man delivered it right before Christmas. I eagerly opened the box knowing what awaited me. I rinsed it out and set the kettle on the stove to boil. I just had to test it out right then and there.

Nirvana!!!!! I swear I heard angels sing. The cup was deliciously warm in my hand, while the contents were piping hot. And when the tea had cooled beyond my comfortable drinking temperature, I popped it in the microwave for the ultimate test.

Score!!!!!!!!!! My tea again was hot, and my hands were not. Awesome.

So if you suffer from burning hands from a cup of cold tea, these are for you. Just my little gift to set your day straight. Enjoy.


  1. I'm sorry but can we please be concerned that you are leaving your bra places and can't find it later...

  2. Listen here!! I meant if you only had one and it was dirty!!!! You knew what I meant. Go to work.

  3. I knew what you meant. Congrats on finding a mug that makes you happy. Isn't it funny how it is the simple things in life that tend to be the most important sometimes? I have certain things that just make me comfortable and satisfied, like my new heating pad and afghan.

  4. It seems only proper that you should use a bra analogy when your perfect cup was delivered to you as a pair...

    Happy new year, happy sewing!
    *raises her own glass of tea*

  5. I can so relate to the mug dilemma! The boxer man may be paying a visit to my door soon!
    Like Melissa, I was a little worried about where you might be leaving a bra.

  6. Thanks for adding laughter to my day and the tea cup link!


  7. Thanks Julia, at least someone is on my side. Some people's kids.

    Mickey, LOL! hadn't thought about the "pair"

    Jan I hope the boxer man brings you your own "pair" of perfect mugs. And Melissa needs to change her name to ERIN!

    Michie, stay warm and always glad to provide a little humor.

  8. I'm on the same plane with the mug issue. Just like the three bears, its too hot, its too cold, its too small, and I want one that is just right. Well I have it. It is a "jadeite" reproduction big smoothly curved glass mug, just the right warmth and shape for my aging fingers.

    I have been told more than once that if the cup or other dish is extremely hot to touch there is lead in it. I have chucked all my "super hot" dishes.

  9. Have you ever tried a Stove underneath a teapot? http://www.teehaus.de/Tee-Geschirr/Fine-Bone-China/Stoevchen-Tea-Time:__:8742.html
    I am also a tea drinker, and when it gets cold I make a pot of tea and keep it warm for at least two hours.
    I also lived in Turkey where they make tea completely different. Long story though. I prefer my teapot set. Glad you found what you needed.

  10. Bunny, I am glad that I am not the only one that was on the quest for the perfect mug.

    Jeannine, love those. I had thought of that or something similar, but often I only make one cup at a time because my efforts to keep an entire pot hot were in vain. But that could be just the ticket.

  11. I had a fabulous mug given to me at SAGA by a dear friend. It is perfect. It is china so feels good in the hand, holds a good cup of coffee, can be heated well with warm water before adding coffee. Love it. I am not a big fan of drinking out of plasticy cups. However I do not know where my bras are at the moment other than the one I have on that I dislike.


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