Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Robert E Lee

 First posted at Rebel Yell

Isn't he a handsome devil? And what Southern Matriarch wouldn't love to share a birthday with him?

This one that is who!  Happy Birthday to me! This is one of the very few pictures I have of myself as a child. I assume it was taken around 18 months old since I am in a sleeveless sundress. I love the sepia tones of the picture. 

Do you stitch for the children in your life for their birthdays?  I still have a button on suit that I made for my godson's first birthday 19 years ago. The outfit on him can be seen here.

I will admit that the smocking looks a little wonky, and my bear is listing to the right. Another example of we get better the more we stitch. He loved it, I am amazed those little balloon "strings" survived. He worked them to death. This is an old Ellen McCarn plate called Birthday Bear. I don't believe it is in print any longer. But some other options are:

Found at Bessie Mary 

This is Ellen McCarn's Happy Birthday

Also found at Bessie Mary

These cute little cupcakes are by Cross Eyed Cricket.

Both found at Farmhouse Fabrics 

Again both of these plates are by Cross Eyed Cricket.The first is called Birthday Bears and the next is aptly called Happy Birthday.

In honor of my birthday today, pick up a needle and smock. And remember Robert E Lee while you are at it!


  1. Happy Birthday, dear Martha! I love your baby picture!


  2. You totally look like Aim in that picture mom.
    Happy Birthday!
    And you too Robert E. Lee.

  3. Aw, Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend!!! You were a stinking cute baby!!!
    Mwah! Hugs and Kisses!

  4. Happy Birthday, dear Martha! Darling picture.

  5. Happy Birthday Martha...I love that there are quite a few of us January babies this week...and Jeannie B too! Love the plates and you are too darn cute. Have a wonderful day! Karin

  6. Martha,
    Hope your day was wonderful. I love the baby pic, you were just a cute baby. You are still beautiful!
    Love you dear, hugs!

  7. Love the baby picture! There might be just enough hours left in the day to honor you with a few stitches! Happy Birthday!

  8. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I talked with all of my children and my son took me out to dinner. Add to that flowers from my husband and friends. All in all a good day.

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday, Martha!! I hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  10. Happy Birthday Martha!!! I hope it was a wonderful day for you!!!

  11. Happiest of Birthdays to you, you cute girl, you!

  12. HApPy BiRthDay, to You! HaPpY BiRtHdAy, to YoU! HaPPy BiRTHdAY, DeaR MaRtHA, HaPPy BIRthdaY, to YOU!

    And MANy MOrE!

    Bless you!

  13. Happy late birthday. Your picture could have been my kid sister! The two of you, at that age, could have been twins!

  14. A belated "Happy Birthday", Martha!
    I'm only about a month late! :/
    Guess I was too busy celebrating my own, which was the day before yours.

    I hope you had a wonderfully fun filled MONTH with lots of friends, family & food to celebrate.


    p.s. I have lots of catching up to do on your blog. You've been busy!!! :-)

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