Sunday, December 12, 2010

K is for

is for ...

kindness. We all strive to be our better selves this time of year. To remember our call to be kind to one another. It is the greatest gift we can give. Our biggest shortmcoming is forgetting to remember our own capacity for kindness. 

We stumble on the notion that unless we are someone whose acts of kindness lands them on the cover of a magazine that we aren't really kind or compassionate. Not true. The smallest, simplest acts, done where no one knows or sees, these are the ones that are the most profound. 

A gesture, a smile, a moment given when you have none to spare; that is what touches another and heals a soul.

Let the spirit of kindness color your days this Christmas season. It always fits and never disappoints.

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  1. Great thoughts. I love your ABC's of Christmas. Can't wait to see tomorrow's. I know someone's name that starts with "L" but don't gush too much. It will be embarrassing. Ha!! Just kidding!


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