Wednesday, December 22, 2010

V is for

V is for

Velvet. Nothing looks richer than velvet. The deep color, the shimmer and shadows. It is just a luxurious fabric. And really shines at the holidays. Our baby is too young for velvet this year. A baby in arms is going to wad a velvet dress until she and the dress both look like a dish rag. So in a year or two, she will be big enough for a beautiful velvet dress like this one.

I really like this dress for an older child of 4 or 5.

A really striking bodice that is a vertical smocked panel. The red bullion roses are beautiful against the deep navy.

And the royal blue bishop I posted here is still a favorite.

Off to finish wrapping! I can hear sleigh bells beginning to ring.


  1. I love velvet! The vertical smocking is really nice. I'll have to try that at Easter, maybe.

  2. I used cotton velvet this year for my girls Christmas dresses. I didn't have time to smock them so I made a lot of tucks and sewed them down one direction flipped it over and did it the other direction. super cute you can check it out here.

  3. Really love the navy with the vertical smocking, I think that would look good in featherwale corduroy too. Beautiful !!


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