Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The ABC's of Christmas

Don't you love Little Golden Books? I need to pull out the ones saved from my children for this new generation to enjoy. I wonder if we have Christmas ABC

is for

Angels. Angels are everywhere for the holidays. We have an angel that has been placed atop our tree for close to twenty years. There are angel ornaments, some purchased, some made. Angels of all kinds, crystal, resin and we even have angels made from tiny clay flower pots, construction paper and macaroni noodles. There is also a smocked angel. It is buried deep in a box right now or I would share it.

Here is a smocked angel I came across on the web. It is from an etsy seller but the page was no longer available, so I can't give the proper credit. Isn't she cute?

Then I came across this beautiful embroidered angel.

There are wonderful carols at Christmas about angels as well.

It wouldn't be the holidays without angels.  And this little angel is going to make our holidays all the better.


  1. You have an angel of the best kind! Heaven on earth......sigh.

  2. Your little angel is a real cutie, but I agree with you about angel ornaments. They are the only kind I put on my tree!

  3. Like Rachel that is the best kind of angel...


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