Friday, December 3, 2010

C is for

Page from Letters and Monograms from the House of Malbranche

is for cozy. Cozy as in a new


warm and cozy flannel slip for winter time. Our baby is very cold natured. And when she is cold, she is cranky. Like any good Mimi, I will do what I can to make her happy. (Bill Cosby says, "I'm getting old, I'm trying to get into heaven.")  This is a not the best picture of this little slip but I was in a hurry. It is made from cashmere cotton purchased from Bessie Mary. You can't see it in this picture but I machine embroidered a small motif in the center of the yoke. Just for a pretty. I think the tuck is way too high visually but it works well. I'll show you later what I mean by "working." I followed the pattern instructions for constructing the hem.

I used the pattern "Essential Underthings" from

Australian Smocking and Embroidery's Beautiful Bishops book.

I took out about 3" fullness from both the front and back skirt because of the heaviness of the fabric. As you can see from the above photo, the skirt is gathered quite tightly into the yoke.  I shortened the length by 2 or 3 inches as well. AS&E's dresses tend to be longer than our mommy likes them.

Now to the "working" of the slip. Not only does it make our baby warmer, it really helps hold the skirt shape of the dress worn over it. Here is a side by side picture of the fall bishop. On the left is without the slip, the right is with the slip. Mommy says it makes her look like a little bell.

I hope you are staying cozy and warm as well, faithful reader. Back to the sewing room for me!

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  1. I just made Ellie a nightgown/robe out of that cashmere flannel. It's good stuff, isn't it? I never thought about making a slip out of it to keep her warm this winter under dresses. As're a genius!! BTW, I'm loving your ABC's of Christmas!


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