Monday, December 6, 2010

F is for

F is for 

flannel, Swiss flannel. This fabric is absolutely scrumptious. It pleats well, it drapes beautifully but at the same time it holds its shape. I had it in the closet so I have no idea where I got it. It is available at most heirloom suppliers. 

This project is a completed SAGA convention class project. That always feels nice to do. I posted about the class here.

Children's Corner Jaimie

Since I didn't have a square yoke pattern in infants sizes, I had to improvise. I don't usually do well with improvising. I just want to pull it out, cut it out and get started. You can do that when you sew for figment children. It doesn't work so well with live ones.  I used Children's Corner Jaimie, View A, for the bodices and armhole curve. I cut the back bodice on the fold instead of a turned back facing. I obviously used a skirt instead of the bubble bottom.

Children's Corner Maggie

Since it is winter (We know this because I have already started complaining about the cold!) I wanted to use long sleeves. Our baby is cold natured. Did you know you can use any collar with any yoke, with any sleeve etc of a Children's Corner pattern in the same size? Well now you do! I used the long sleeves/cuffs from their Maggie pattern. It worked great with the Jaimie bodice

I did shorten the sleeves. I am not sure what orangutan they used for the length of the sleeve, but I cut off 4 inches. Normally CC sleeves seem petite to me, but these were quite long. I don't normally do long sleeves so perhaps that is why I was not aware that the children Elizabeth Travis Johnson's world had unusually long arms. This length is perfect on her. I shortened the sleeve to a tad under 8", so when the cuff was added it hits right at her wrist. I also reduced the fullness in the sleeve by about an inch. I didn't alter the height of the sleeve cap because I wanted the sleeve head to stand up.

The fit is perfect on our baby. She is 5 months old, weighs almost 17# and is about 26" long. The size 6 months is a perfect fit with a little bit of growing room. 

Side note for a pet peeve: I know when sewing for children, especially babies, there is a fine line between fitting now and having enough room for growth so you get enough wear to justify your work. A FINE line. If the garment droops off the shoulders or is sloppy big around the chest, it makes all that hard work you did look frumpy! Clothes are supposed to compliment the sweet child wearing it, not overwhelm them. We aren't comfortable wearing things that are two sizes too big. They won't be either. If they aren't comfortable, they won't want to wear what you make for them. Just sayin'.

I wanted to get pictures of her wearing the dress but she was not up for a modeling session when I saw her yesterday. She was tired and hungry. Not condusive to posing for Mimi.

I won't say it is my best smocking. I can see in the picture I need to go back and run a thread through some of my bead flowers. They flattened out on me. Of course it would be the one in the center. Couldn't be the one in her armpit, nooooo. Has to be front and center. The overlay on the yoke is English netting. We had the option in the kit to have just the overlay or overlay and sleeves. I wasn't a fan of doing the sleeves with netting. This is just enough I think.

Overall I like the dress but will admit that I didn't like the fact that is seemed too old for her. It looks more like a big girl dress to me. I'm going back to bishops for a while.

The fabric is delightful. I know there is also a concern about the cost of the fabric. I have seen it priced between ~$24-$28 a yard. That sounds expensive. This dress used just one yard of fabric. Not too bad when you look at it that way. 

My camera, the dress and the baby are out of town. When they all return I will take a picture of the dress on the baby.


  1. Just saying... I agree with your pet peeve (surprise, surprise)... I fit for children to wear now, not have it fit at a later date when the dress is worn out and does not look good. That is my pet peeve part...

    Love this dress... even if it is 'old' looking. A girl has to have something besides bishops in her closet ... just saying.

  2. I have to agree with Robin, I like to it for children to wear now, with a bit of length in the dress so she can wear it for two years. But not to make it big around the chest and shoulders. I also love the dress. But you are scaring me about the sleeves, I'm also using "Maggie" and I better get my granddaughter's sleeve length before I sew the sleeves on the bodice.

  3. Oh, this is so sweet! I love it. I never added "growing room" to my daughter's baby and toddler things, but that was more beginner's luck (ignorance about sizing, in other words). My thought is... it's not like that's the last garment you will ever make for them! You'll keep sewing, and keep finding adorable new projects to do, and if their closet is full of stuff that still has months/years of wear, you'll feel guilt about being a smocking glutton. So really, you're being "frugal". Right? ha. A cookie if you followed that logic. ;)

  4. I love the dress and Swiss flannel. Ditto fit comments. Sewing for figments where fit doesn't matter is one (very small) compensation for no grands!

    I finally decided that I needed to check out the source of the beautiful monograms. So thanks to you I spent the last hour drooling at Em's Heart.

  5. Lovely dress! I don't think it's too grown up - the beautiful overlay and the soft colours are perfect foils for those fat round baby cheeks and just think of all the winter wear she'll get out of it, too.



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