Thursday, December 9, 2010

H is for

is for

Holly. I love the look of holly. It is so crisp and clean looking as well as striking with the bright red berries contrasted against the glossy greens.

Doesn't this holly look yummy? I don't have much patience for decorating cupcakes or cookies, wish I did. These are so pretty. 

I'm loving this turquoise and red combo. It is one my newest favorite color combinations. This sweet little songstress is ready for the holidays.


And I love this simply sweet Christmas dress by Michie' Mooney. The simple snow white dress with just the sweetest touch of embroidered holly along the lower yoke. Classic and beautiful.

This is from a set of placemats my mother cross stitched about twenty five plus years ago. I need to find a way to use them. We have long since outgrown the number on hand for Christmas dinner but I still love them. (I don't know why I can get the extra line space out of there. Ignore it.)

Classic smocking on a white bishop. Love it.

And does anything say Christmas more than Burl Ives? This program is one I remember from my childhood and is a well loved classic still today. I loved how Sam the Snowman swirled through the snow.

I know my intent was to do both "H" and "I" today, but I changed my mind. I have a reason that I will share at a later date. I hope there is some "holly jolly" in your Christmas preperations. If you read comments from yesterday, you would know that not everyone is staying warm. She grumbles. Humor her.

FYI, don't google images of just "holly." Put the word Christmas with it. Trust me.


  1. Love that H. Might need to make a pillow with an H on it this winter. My bed needs one. Warm here, even if it is threatening to snow... yes, snow. :)

  2. Michael was "jamming" to the music....we love it! Your tip for googling Holly make me LOL! Crazy how those things work! Love you!

  3. I'm really enjoying your Christmas alphabet....had to laugh at the "not warm" commenter on yesterday's entry. Up here, we are just wishing it would snow. What fun is twenty degress without some snow to cover all the brown?

  4. I am loving this alphabet! Your holly google made me smile. I can only imagine the things that can pop up. And I think I need that bishop plate for next Christmas for my new baby. I love a baby in white.


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