Tuesday, December 14, 2010

M is for

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is for....no, not Martha

Mittens! Are these not adorable? They are stitched on 32 count linen. Love them. Is there anyone who doesn't love mittens? There is nothing more adorable than a preschooler in mittens.

And I love the ones that are connected with a string and hang out of their sleeves. The string was the only insurance that you had two matching mittens. I can just see our little ones all bundled up in a snow suit with the mittens hanging from their sleeves.

You only had a few seconds to revel in this scene, because five minutes after they insisted  you bundle them up to go out in the snow, they needed to come back in to go to the bathroom. A repeated winter dance for many years at our house when we lived in the great northern plains.

Aren't these cute hanging there.

I remember stitching these very same mittens and kitties the fall I spent confined to bed whilst pregnant with daughter #2.

What three year old wouldn't love these? Makes me giggle.

Mittens can also be a blank canvas for embroidery and applique. This pair is especially cheerful and cozy looking.

by Gwen Milner
available at BessieMary

by Little Memories
available at Farmhouse Fabrics

These two smocking plates just give me a case of the happy. Too cute. 

It is record cold temps in many parts of the country, so I hope you have some warm mittens to wear.

Update: My friend Jan I posted about here, preliminary reports sound promising. I am sure there are many more days of evaluations and doctor visits but the early indications sound good. We pray that continues to be the case. Thank you for your prayers, don't stop now.

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