Tuesday, December 21, 2010

U is for

First posted by Creations by Eve

U is for Unbelievable stitching friends. Friends who casually say, I'll stitch for your baby. And then send incredible gifts of love.

Like this beautiful Christmas bishop. It is cotton pique smocked with deep red and green. With darling red buttons down the back!. The sleeves are trimmed with Swiss eyelet. It is just beautiful. Excuse the fact that this is hanging from the light switch. I was in a hurry. Christmas is 4 days away and I am way behind the power curve. So desperate times call for desperate measures. It was the closest thing to hang from after I had washed and ironed it for my daughter.

There are little sprigs of holly across the neck and sweet French knot holly berries along the bottom of the smocking. The neckline is piped, we love that. The Swiss eyelet on the sleeves has red and green floss run through it to add just a little more oomph. There are also more sweet holly across the smocked sleeves. 

A close up of the smocking, and see those cute red buttons with the green floss centers? Too stinkin' cute.

And you can see it fits to perfection. Thank you so much, Colleen. I really am blessed with wonderful friends.

Off to wrap, cook, and finish decorating. 


  1. That is just darling, and so is she!

  2. Holiday perfect! Your picture of your angel in her gorgeous bishop examining the Christmas lights is priceless and would make up a beautiful Christmas card.

  3. She looks so sweet in this bishop. I love the smocking on this and would love to know the plate. And the picture of her examining all the lights is so stinking cute! I may have to copy that picture next year with my little one! Love the alphabet!

  4. Martha, that baby girl... who does by the way look like her grandfather... is just the sweetest thing. You have friends who love you, that is why they sew for you. Now for me to find time one day!


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