Saturday, December 4, 2010

D is for

Celtic Monogram used here.

D is for

Dove. Doves are a treasured image of Christmas. They are found everywhere such as this Christmas card, wishing peace at this time of year. A wish we need all year long.

We even saw doves on our recent trip to Italy. These two doves live here with this statue of St. Francis. Imagine a visitor's surprise when they realize the two beautiful doves are real.

They hang on our trees. I found this sweet embroidered dove on Google.

This dove is much loved at our house. Made by my son in Cub Scouts twenty years ago. We laugh every year, the bath of glue he took is beginning to chip off a bit along with some of the HEAVY glitter. He is looking a but weary and doesn't have a hanger, so we sit him on a branch. My son grumbles when he places him on the tree but I know he would miss him, if we left him off. Our tree is a hodge podge of much loved ornaments such as this one.

I also love to include doves on christening gowns. Often a symbol used to represent the Holy Spirit, what better reminder is there for a baptism?

I pray that you find a little bit of peace during your preparations for Christmas.


  1. Thanks for the peaceful wishes, Martha. I wish you the same among this hectic time frame. That picture of the statue of St. Francis is just amazing.

  2. Just love what you are doing with the alphabet!Blessings,Kathleen


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