Friday, December 10, 2010

I is for

I is for... before I tell you what "I" is for, let me tell you how difficult it was to find an embroidered I. The ONLY one I could find came with a "C." I guess people who have a name that starts with "I" don't utilize monograms. Or at least not ones I could find. I am not even 100% sure this is an "I" with the "C". But for blogging purposes, it is now. 

So back to it, I is for..

icicles. Aren't these pretty? I love how the bright red berries are frozen inside the crystal clear icicles. Very striking.

These icicles are from a lakeside village in Switzerland. The village of Versoix. Evidently these are a yearly phenomenon.

I mean, can you say cold? I am all for marveling at nature's majesty. I'll just do it from my warm living room.

This looks brutal. And the guy in the background looks nonplussed about it all. No thank you!

It reminds me of this scene in Dr. Zhivago. I'm all for love, but only in above freezing temperatures.

I'll take this kind. Pretty, tinkling, crystal icicles hanging on a tree.

Or these pretty machine embroidered icicles. 

My favorite icicles are these kind to hang on the tree. I was one of those annoying people that had to hang them one by one. Drove my husband and kids crazy. They would have preferred to stand across the room and toss by the handfuls. Just to get the chore overwith. Not me, one by one.

Not quite this heavy, but they would probably think it was pretty close. They exaggerate.

It was more like this. Sadly, no icicles on our tree. Not since a certain kitty came here 12 Christmases ago. Our kitty is very well behaved as far as the tree goes, but tinsel would be too big a temptation even for him.

I hope these chilly icicles didn't make you too cold. I believe we have had our warmest day for several days here. I should have gotten my son and husband to hang lights. Oh well. Stay warm, stay cheery and keep on stitching faithful reader.


  1. I love the look of the formal monogram on the casual plaid tcloth. Very nice!

    That picture from Dr. Zhivago - one of my favorite books and movies. I swear, it showed cold that you could feel in your bones in a 7ยบ theatre.

  2. I haven't seen Christmas tree icicles in years...I guess cause I equate them on the same level as glitter! Shudder!!! This comment just typed from the person who will soon hang six dozen glitter ornaments on her tree...shiver! ;)

  3. I is hard to find. I have a granddaughter who is an Isabella. I finally had to create an I to do an applique for her. Maybe that just make it more special if Suzi drew it!

  4. If Done Properly, Icicles On A Tree Could Be Quite Striking.


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