Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Twisted Cables that is. Friday of SAGA convention is a short class day, just 3 hours of class. That is because the afternoon is blocked off for a retail market. A wonderful mecca for those who have no local heirloom sources. It is wonderful to see fabrics, laces and buttons first hand instead of only online. As well as new patterns being released. But who among doesn't love to shop for what we love most, fabric!?

My Friday morning class was with Judith Marquis. It was my first class with Judith. This class was inspired by the cabled knitting patterns Judith had seen. She wanted to know if she could translate this concept into smocking. I could never have arrived at this. It was more of a sampler/notebook class as opposed to a project. I like the ways the tones of colors play off of one another. Thank you Dawn for reading the class supply list correctly and sharing your supplies with me.

For the first time in many years, I was not one of the first ones in the door for market that afternoon. There were many reasons, one there wasn't a thing I needed, but more importantly I was entering into full on christening gown panic by then.

It was 9 days until baby's christening and this was all I had to show for it. I borrowed a friend's machine and was upstairs in my room feverishly working on lace placement for the front skirt.

I did get a chance to run downstairs and quickly meet Laura of Ellie Inspired. She is just as nice in person. Oh, and I did make ONE purchase. No convention is complete without some of what I call, Jeannie buttons. I loved antique mother of pearl buttons and Jeannie B. of The Old Fashioned Baby never lets me down. She was shocked to find out I use them. What did she think I was doing with them? Stashing them? Well of course I stash them, but I do use them as well. It makes me smile to see those beautiful MOP buttons on garments I have made.

My Jeannie buttons live in a basket all their own on the shelf. When I moved my sewing room my daughter was loading up the shelves. I showed her the basket and reminded her she had to save a spot for them to be close at hand.

My covention report is almost complete. I hope you are stitching on something fun, faithful reader.

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