Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cherry Pie

My local SAGA chapter is having a doll raffle as part of our annual auction. This is the second dress I have done for this year's auction. The first can be seen here.

For this outfit I combined two patterns. The under dress is by Bunny Bear Designs. It is the 1940's Party Dress. I used Imperial Broadcloth found in the closet and trimmed it with white rick rack.

The apron is made from a cherry print lawn, also found in the closet. The cherry pockets were my daughter's idea. They turned out cute. I used a pattern from a contact on Flickr for the apron.

The crossover on the apron back is cute.

I am feverishly trying to tie up some loose ends. My husband and I leave for a dream trip on Sunday to......


  1. Cute dress. Have a great and fun dream trip.

  2. So your leaving me guessing!! Not having had too many dream trips! Italy?

  3. Enjoy your dream trip... eat lots for me as I doubt I will ever get there.

  4. The dress and apron are so cute. I love red and white and cherries.

    I wish I were doll-sized so I could fit in your suitcase.


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