Friday, November 12, 2010

How Does your Garden Grow?

How does my garden grow? Well this second day of classes at SAGA convention it was growing with Gail Doane. I wrote about my day here as well. Gail is another great teacher SAGA has been blessed to feature. If you get a chance to take a class with Gail, don't pass it up. One of Gail's hallmarks is that she sews real clothes for real children but with fabulous finishing techniques. The things she makes need to hold up under the rigors of childhood. She wants good looking clothes, with good design and a bit of whimsy that will survive on the playground if need be. Not every project is going to be a First Communion Dress to be worn once.

My dress bodice traced and ready to start stitching. They look a little like alien flowers at this point. The dress fabric is pique and will be trimmed in gingham. Can you go wrong trimming with gingham? I don't think so.

I'll share one little tidbit I learned during that class. I have been very vocal on my thoughts about how tracing with pencil is evil. I know a bit of a strong viewpoint, but mine none the less. Gail did share a tip about tracing the pattern piece outline with pencil but still tracing the embroidery design with blue wash out marker. That way if you need to wash your embroidered piece before you begin construction, you won't lose your pattern piece marking. Because we know that pencil is not coming out!

Here is my garden in its present state. Not bad for a day's work. I probably would have gotten more done if I had not been visiting with my neighbor(s). That is the downfall sometimes of taking class surrounded by friends. We have talked about the kids, the husbands, the state of the world at large, friends that aren't there; you get the picture. That cuts into your stitching time.

Also too this purple flower about kicked my rear. I don't remember what the stitch is called off the top of my head, but I was all thumbs. It needs about 7000 more petals before it is done, (just kidding) but I was done with it that day. One of my table mates, the stitcher who made the precious red/white bishop posted a few days ago, was whipping through this purple thing like it was nothing! She kept declaring how easy it was. I wanted to smack her.

I am anxious to finish this project. Hopefully before Gail visits my local chapter in January. We are very fortunate that she is coming here to teach for us. We'll see if that goal is achieved.


  1. Beautiful! I love Gail Doane - I am taking a class with her thru our local SAGA chapter in March - I can't hardly wait!

  2. What a beautiful project. I envy your classes with GD. A class with GD is on my bucket list!

  3. Me too Bunny!! That dress especially is one I have looked at over and over and wish I could have taken her class at convention.

  4. I took this class with her in January and loved it!! It was my daughter's Easter dress and she loved it. I will admit, I loved the purple flowers, they just took a while because of all the cast on stitches and there were so many petals. Really liked the orange blanket stitch flowers also.

  5. I knew it was Gail by just looking at the dress. She is my all time favorite. I wish I could have been there I would LOVE to take a class from her one day.

  6. I was in the Jan class with Eileen too. We had a ball during our FIVE days of classes. That dress is too cute and will fit one of my dgds for Easter. I hope to be in Jax in March for another class with Gail. Susan VH

  7. Double cast-ons !!!! I had issues with them too, all that counting but they are pretty easy.

  8. Hrumph! And I wondered why my ears have been burning all weekend....!
    It is a rhythm thing. That is all....once you get the rhythm going, it *is* easy. Mwah!
    Hope you are safely stateside and sleeping in our own bed tonight!

  9. "I wanted to smack her" LOL I ♥ your honesty, Martha!! LOL
    I haunt Gail Doane's blog for new postings & drool over all her wonderful ideas.

    I have the white fabric & all the buttons to do one of her jackets from "Cute as a Button"...planning it for Spring of 2011.


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