Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Say It in Thread

I don't know this person and I didn't stitch this. It just made me laugh right out loud. I LOVE to stitch. Don't get me wrong. And I LOVE chocolate. I don't think I am going to stitch about loving chocolate though. Not when I have a wiggly squirming model needing to be dressed in as many Mimi mades as I can get done.

I just think it is darling that this person has stitched about Tofu. I would love to meet her/him I think.


  1. Too funny! I love it! If stitching "I love chocolate" would get me a free candybar every time I needed one, I'd do it!! :)

  2. It had to have been stitched with organic thread and fabric, right? ;o) Thanks for the giggle! Happy Thursday! :o)

  3. Stitching is a "love" thing, so I guess this is appropriate!


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