Monday, November 1, 2010

Got Questions?

I thought I would take a moment to answer some questions.

Susan asked about the length of the fall bishop. I made it 15 3/4". It comes to a tad below her knees. Which on a non crawling infant is a misnomer. Her legs are usually drawn up, so it will appear longer. She is tall and this is the length decided on by Mommy. We laid her on the cutting table, took out the tape measure, where Mommy marked the spot, is the place where I chose to hem it. I did use a 4" hem, so I lengthened the pattern by 3/4 inch. A bishop is fairly easy to alter in length since it is straight down the sides. Or if it seems to short you can put in a shallower hem.

Linda asked about the fabric featured here. It is 1200 Ulster Linen. Linen is the first fabric of choice for drawn and pulled thread work. You can work drawn thread on cotton but it is a bit more challenging because the threads are so fine.

Melissa asked about madiera hems. She is having a challenge adding the applique portion. I am working on a tutorial, it may be a few days before I can get it posted.

Parting shot of princess in her new dress.


  1. Sweet baby certainly is growing up. The dress is lovely on her.

  2. I just love her in this fall bishop. She just keeps getting cuter.
    I can't wait until your tutorial on a madeira hem. I am doing daygowns right now and I really would like to add some drama to the bottom of one I am working on.

  3. I love this dress! The smocking is adorable and the green is such a pretty color.

  4. Thanks, Martha. I am adding beading and lace to the bottom of the dresses. Then I will determine length using tucks. I can't wait for the Maderia hem tut. I have done them before but I want your take on it. Susan VH


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