Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Wee Care Gown

I have written here before about Wee Care and how near and dear to my heart it is. One of the highlights at SAGA covention every year is the Wee Care Trunk Show as well as the collecting of Wee Care gowns from chapters and members from all over the country.

Each year at convention members/chapters bring or send gowns. blankets and bonnets to be collected at that convention and donated to a local hospital in the town where the convention is held. I believe this year that the 1100, (yes you read that right, ELEVEN HUNDRED) items collected were donated to the NICU units at  Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters and Portsmouth Naval Hospital1100 items. That is remarkable. Stitchers have the biggest hearts.

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The little gown above really caught my eye. I just love its sweetness. It is reminiscent of Sarah Howard Stone's "Babette" pattern. In a teeny tiny version.

The precious contrasting ruffle, trimmed with ecru laces and finished off with three sweet teeny bullion roses. It looks to be made from Swiss batiste. Only the finest for these precious angels.


  1. That was my favorite gown that was donated. It is going in the trunk show. :)

  2. It is simply lovely. Eventually the trunk show will come to us and I'll get to see it close up.

  3. Oh so precious! Sewing wee gowns is very dear to my heart too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tiny gown!

  4. Thank you for sharing your gown. Is there a pattern that you would recommend for these gowns? I am new to Wee Care and would be interested in knowing more. Thank you for all of the sewing techniques you share, they have been very helpful to me.

    God Bless You

  5. Since Martha is in Italy... I will comment that she did not make this gown. It is a gorgeous one. I think we tried to figure out what gown pattern was used. I am not sure if we came to an agreement on it or not. Anyway, it made counting all those 1100 gowns a joy to see examples such as this!

  6. I am new to a guild in Tulsa, Oklahoma What an inspiration. This little gown is beautiful.
    I am so thankful to have an opportunity to do
    something for a little child. There is still
    love,charity and hope. In a world that seems
    to not want much to do with it. God Bless anyone that takes time for someone other than theirselves.


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