Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All American Holiday Wishes

I love to perpetuate fictitious stereotypes, especially around the holidays. What is wrong with this picture? Well the kitchen is clean during the preparation process, the mother is dressed in her best and it is clean! and the child commandeered to do the dishes is smiling! All of that is about as believable as

the turkey flying himself in for dinner!

Like all good holidays, it starts the day before in the kitchen. That is where you will find me today. I'd rather be stitching. I am not an anthropologist by a long shot, but I am sure the new trend of bar-b-qued turkey arose from wives wanting their husbands to help with holiday cooking!

All kidding aside, I would like to wish you faithful reader,

May your turkey be juicy, your silver sparkling, your family harmonious and the noise in front of the game be a dull roar.


  1. You've started my day with a smile & a chuckle, Martha! Too cute!

    I'll be in the kitchen, too, but just to prepare a few veggie side dishes to take to DD's. So different from doing the entire meal myself in years past.

    Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Well, now I'm cryin' in my pies....gotta send that link to my Daddy and friends.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you Martha. Sometimes I prefer fiction to reality. I would take the kitchen pictured to my own any day. I love the pies baked and waiting on the kitchen window sill!
    I am going to the ZOO today instead of baking. That's my reality today!

  4. Martha,
    Thanks for the cute post. My kitchen certainly is a bit messier on Thanksgiving.

  5. I will take your wise words those things depicted are pure fiction, as long as next month you don't try to tell me there really is no sleigh with eight tiny reindeer. I love my fantasy world, and I love you, dear friend and sewing sister. You are a blessing to so many of us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend! I love you for so many things, in so many ways!
    My kitchen is currently a wreck! Glad I am in good company. I'll sew on Sunday when everyone is gone. Until then, I am enjoying the craziness of my house!


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