Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Portrait in Innocence

Asia....French Braids

by Monica Roberts

used with permission

Is this not gorgeous? For me is just exemplifies this wonderful age of innocence that children have. I can't tell what she is studying in her hands, but her concentration is to the exclusion of all around her. Looking at this I can hear her soft breathing and see those tiny baby hairs glistening on her neck; all in her beautifully smocked dress. Doesn't it make you want to smock the back of the next dress as well as the front? I pray for a lifetime of blessed moments like this for every child. If we could only keep them this little.


  1. Beautiful! But I am running so far behind I have not even finished smocking the front of the current project. I just need one more week to get it all done! heehee!

  2. I'd like to frame that. I may pose one of my grands like that and hang it in my sewing room. I guess I'll have to smock the back of a dress for her though.

  3. I love dresses with smocked backs. Children's Corner Bessie is one of my favorites. And I'm finishing up 2 Lees with smocked fronts and backs for my girls' Easter dresses. (Got to get busy!!!) This picture is inspiring and so sweet. I'm going to have to try to capture one like it! Thank you for sharing!

  4. When I had just one child, I smocked back and front. Now with 3 grandchildren, I'm lucky to get the front.

    It is a beautiful picture. I also love her braids.

  5. I am presently working on that exact design plate, 'Bluebirds', by Mollie Jane Taylor. However, I'm making an insert. Phew! Now I won't feel guilty that the back isn't going to be smocked to look as lovely as the portrait.

  6. You've reminded me of how I used to French braid both of my daughter's long red tresses. Loved that look and so did they.

  7. Oh that is so sweet. Love the french braids also - always have. I was never very good at them myself. Heck,I was never very good at hair period!
    But oldest dd became pretty proficient at it, and did youngest dd's hair occassionally.

  8. Absolutely beautiful portrait! I must remember that when I make grandchildren things in the (way off) future.I love those sleeves, too!


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