Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An aspiring goal

Meet my new lap quilt. Here it is draped over my stitching chair. I have had it a few weeks but it took me a while to make the long walk to the laundry room. I wanted to wash it so it would have that crinkly, quilty look. It is an amazing thing. It is made by Granny. No, not my granny, Valerie's Granny. Granny is in her mid 90's. I want to say 96, but I could be lying. Wouldn't be the first time I had my facts skewed. Granny's quilts aren't perfect or precise. They are not art quilts; to me they are hope quilts. They make me hope for two things in life.

#1 That I will still be sewing at 96! That is one of my greatest fears, that I won't be able to stitch in my twilight years. Granny makes 3-4 quilts a WEEK! Now for all you slackers out there, that is a goal to reach for.

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#2 That my children will care enough to come by my house every day if need be and thread my needle when I am 96. You see, Granny can't see well enough to thread the needle any longer. So her son or granddaughter come by and thread her machine needles and wind several bobbins at a time for her. I hope my children will do the same for me.

Isn't she precious? So count me in as a Granny Fan!

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And it is about time to register for SAGA convention. This year's convention is in Norfolk, VA. There is a variety of classes to appeal to many different people. Machine classes, hand sewing classes, smocking classes and hand embroidery classes. All by a large variety of teachers. The convention brochure is online now. The link is on the front page to download the convention brochure. Check it out.


  1. Oh Martha
    reading about Granny has almost made me cry. That is so precious of her children. My mother is now 86 and she sewed all her life. she used to smock and helped me a lot with smocking. But old "arthur" won't let her little hands and fingers do it anymore. I sure wish she could still sew and smock as the days are so long for her.
    signed"slacker Sara" LOL

  2. Martha, those are worthy goals and I think we all hope for the same. Granny is one lucky little lady! And what a blessing that her Granddaughter is sharing her with us!

  3. I just want to finish a few of my quilts and have them quilted. Currently there is a stack of 3 that need to be sent off to be quilted. And no... no decisions yet... full week of Jeannie is leading the pack but also means borrowing/renting/stealing a machine.

  4. Such an inspiration and blessing! I just hope that I am still around and cherished when I am 90-plus!!

  5. Incredible. 4 quilts a week? Wow! I am so amazed; it sure gives me a goal to work towards. I'm glad her children and grandchildren value her so much.

  6. Very inspiring. Thanks, Martha.


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