Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Interesting. If you have watched Project Runway you may have noticed in an early episode this season of a skirt/dress done with an exposed zipper. I will be the first to say I didn't like it and it looked uncomfortable. But this might be a cute alternative. Not sure how you would maintain that lacy look along the edges when you apply it but could be worth a try. These are available from an etsy seller. Not affiliated at all. Just stumbled across them. Back later with the cutest daygown you ever saw.


  1. I have seen those too and think they are pretty cute. I would think they would be pretty simple to apply, just on the outside instead of the inside. It would also be cute down the front of a dress.

  2. That's really cute! and I like the idea of maybe using it down the front of a garment.Hmmmmmm


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