Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just a sweet stitch

 First posted on photobucket

No I didn't smock this, I found the picture on photobucket. I think it was made for a doll, but it is just so sweet. Since I have nothing to show for my time, I thought I would show someone else's time.

And you can't imagine the things that come up when you Google "smocking."

I found a smocked vest for a dog. I just couldn't show it though. My sensibilities wouldn't allow it. Everyone uses their talents differently.

You get lots of hits for smoking, as if Google thinks you can't spell.

Google also found this little number. My husband only WISHES smocking looked like this at our house!

If a project goes wrong, you can have desert! Years ago there used to be a book that came up on ebay frequently about smocking on cakes.

And if you really want to add a creative flair to your smocking, combine it with this little jewel. Just think of the color combinations you would come up with. If I hadn't graduated from high school in the mid 70's, I might not know what this was. But Google thought this was smocking too.

It does amaze me at some of the beautiful things that are out there, I am equally amazed at some of the "unfortunate" samples of the art as well. As I said earlier, everyone has a different take on what is beautiful to them.


  1. Martha....funny!!! Every time I try to type "smocking" I always type it "smoking" first and then I have to go back and correct myself.

  2. Very interesting! I wanted that to be your blue dress and bonnet.

    And I'm wondering where you found my pink pants picture. Take away the cigar, and that looks like some of the outfits I wear around the house!

    Hurry and make something else. I'm dying to do a smocked (insert) blanket, so why don't you do one and explain how to do it. Fifth and seventh rows:

  3. Love the pictures. I need the humor!

  4. Martha, you are just too funny! Your sense of humor is priceless.

  5. What a fun post, Martha. I have definitely experienced the "smoking" for "smocking" experience at a bookstore once... :)

  6. what a great post!!! you are so funny!!! When I first saw that sweet daygown, I remembered you saying you hadn't made a bishop for the baby yet, and I thought OMG, she has already made that baby bishop in this short time, I was all set to be majorly impressed, of course, I already am anyway!!!

  7. Ha Ha! You are hilarious! That lady smoking is still making me laugh....

  8. That little dress is so pretty. I am still way behind on Ahnalin's Easter dress and she has taken to asking me why I am not smocking faster! LOL!!!

    I love all the pics but I have no clue what that bottom picture is. Is it some kind of blown glass art piece? It is pretty.

  9. I would have never thought about using smocking stitches to decorate a cake, but it is a novel idea. I guess if you are doing a shower cake or a birthday cake for a smocker.

  10. Ha ha...when I saw that last picture, I thought to myself, wth? I'm also a girl from the 70's and remember those little numbers as well.

    Looked at a few other entries here and so sorry about your thumb. OUCH! Just seeing the picture gave me the willies. Hope it's (your thumb, not the mandelin) doing better. Cindy


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