Saturday, March 6, 2010

I knew I was right all along

Don't tell me that classic children's wear is outdated or too frumpy and old fashioned. Not when New York's 5th Avenue says differently.

Posted at Papa d'Anjo

Papa d'Anjo, a classic childrens clothier from Portugal; aka this heirloom embroiderer's idea of mecca, is now the primary line featured at Bergdorf Goodman's children's department in their 5th Ave store. As blogged about here. So there! to those that say classic wear is a dying art.


  1. Score one for our team! And we all know never to argue with you anyway!

  2. Oh how lovely! Classic wear can't be outdated's beautiful and timeless!!

  3. I so agree!! My little one will never be in trendy trampy clothes. Classic clothes defy trends and show off the beauty of childhood, rather than making them into pre-adults. The store looks lovely!

  4. Oh, I received not one but two of their spring catalogs in the mail last week! The models are so precious and the clothing so classic. :)


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