Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What fun

I stumbled upon this little cutie while suffering an attack of blog surfing sickness. Is this not too sweet? It never occured to me to want a sewing machine in a "color." But if I had, this strawberry cream color would be it. This would be a darling first machine for a young girl learning to sew. It is available at John Lewis in the UK. So it won't be coming to my house, but I just thought that was so fun and sweet. But if pale pink is too sweet for you...

how about fire engine red? I don't actually think I could sew on a red machine, pink yes, but not fire engine red. This little machine also comes in grass green, hot pink and purple to name a few other colors.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Really cute, but I bet it would be almost as expensive to ship as the purchase price. I would like the pink one, too. Glad they don't have a blue one. It would be harder to resist.

  2. know, that red set my eyes popping! i do love red, but have to admit, my old tan machine looks pretty good!
    I guess it balances out the color of the passing fabric :)
    The red may be too distracting :)
    The pink is subtle, and if that is mood that hits, I could live with that one...

    Have a superb 4th!


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