Friday, June 4, 2010

A few bullions

You know they have "Girls Gone Wild!" Well there should be a "Grandmother's Gone Wild!" Its bad enough to stitch up a storm, but when you start embroidering undegarments, you need help. :) Just kidding. Maybe.

I embroidered these onesies with just a teeny bit of stitching at the neck. The bunnies are from A-Z of Bullions.(Ignore the blue marks. I hadn't rinsed them before I snapped the picture.)

Then a few bullion roses. Also from A-Z of Bullions by Country Bumpkin. I used #16 perle cotton for both of these. Every young lady should have pretty undies for her first visit to the doctor. Didn't our mothers always tell us to where clean underwear? Well she should have told us to wear pretty underwear as well.

I only stitched two of these because the more I handled them, I just kept thinking, there is no way these are going to fit this baby. Not unless she is a tiny peanut. They are teeny. These are a 3 months size. I didn't even bother with the newborn size. I fretted over these for quite a while and kept searching for a better alternative.

I found some, in England.

Look at the size difference? Amazing. These are both the same size, but the quality and size are markedly different. I think the well known manufacturer is cutting costs. I bought the larger ones at a John Lewis department store in Cambridge. And they were cheaper! If you don't include the airfare or hotel costs of getting there. I bought several, they are washed and awaiting some embellishments as the weeks click by.


  1. You are hilarious. Of course onesies need hand-embroidery!!! Especially when they are as pretty as these!

  2. They are beautiful!! You will love seeing her in these!! Go Martha!!

  3. They look precious !! I might have to buy some of those John Lewis ones when I go in August for gifts, that's if I remember it in 2 months...maybe my cousin will use her retirees discount for me.

  4. Someday I WILL master the Boullion Stitch. If they look half as good as yours, I'll be happy.

    It will probably take as long as it will for me to hve grandkids!

    Your onesies are beautiful!

  5. Hi Martha:
    Your onesies are lovely with the stitchery you've added. Perfect for some lovely baby, to be sure.

  6. Ah bullions! My husbands grandmother spent hours teaching me to embroider when I was a young bride. She stitched the most beautiful bullions. How did I ever stumble across this blog today? I don't even remember, all I know is a pot of coffee is gone & I should have been working on my future daughter-in-laws wedding dress : ) It's been a pleasure and I'll sure be back!

  7. Great idea! Beautiful bullions! Now I'm going to get me some of that #16 perle cotton and try this out - did you use a hoop?

  8. Those bunnies are just so sweet...

  9. cute cute cute!!! :)

  10. Adorable, sweet onsies! Your embroidery is beautiful. Your daughter will use them much more than you think! You will need to make more in bigger sizes! It is a good thing that you have already purchased a superior brand. I wish we could get it here.

  11. Hi, Martha -- good to see you, even for a few minutes, at the SAGA convention! Do you use any stabilizer when embroidering on this knit fabric?
    Lindy Wright


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