Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Louisiana Thread Pull

I am home again from Avery Island and LaBroderie Bayou 2010. Or affectionately known as The Great Louisiana Thread Pull. Had a good time. It is always wonderful to see stitching friends, have your meals brought to you and then someone else does the dishes. What is there not to love?

This year the additional teacher besides Wendy Schoen was Gloria Rivera from Puerto Rico. Gloria is also known for pulled and drawn thread work. The above picture is not lace insertion, it is drawn thread with net darning. Amazing isn't it?

This little daygown was the project for Gloria's class. Of course it is linen.

Gloria's gown has lots of little details that are so sweet. Tiny bit of embroidery inside the tucks,

featherstitching on either side of the lacey hemstitched hem.

Some other examples of Gloria's work. This is the dress bodice with the work that resembles inserted lace.

Drawn work worked on batiste. It truly does look like lace.

Another dress front. Some of these are a friend's photos. I left the charger to my camera at home. Of course the murphy's law of it would be, the battery was almost drained before I got there. So thanks Sarah for sending me some of your photos.

This photo was from my phone, so its quality is less. Wendy's project was a vintage inspired little dress with faggoted trim on the bodice. It is made from imported dotted Swiss.

A close up of the sample dress. Mine won't have the lace. It shouldn't take me long to finish it up. Not at all sure about the drawn thread work gown. It will be a bit more time consuming.

So I am back home trying to catch up on life as we await the arrival of a very important little person.


  1. beautiful drawn work! I can't believe that's not lace insertion! Wow! Amazing. When is little one to come?

  2. Oh such lovely work, wish l could do it, so many talented ladies.

    Hugs Pat

  3. I went to the NO Baby School last year and I cannot remember how to do the Espigueta stitch. Did she have better instructions this year?


  4. I live in N. Louisiana, but I've been to Avery Island. It is quite unique.
    These techniques look so interesting. I hope to attend a workshop next spring with Wendy.

  5. Sounds like such a wonderful time. The work is beautiful. It been many years ago since I did the faggoting, but I don't think that mine was done so well. I like how the blue sets off the fagotted stitch.

  6. Hello! I stumbled onto your blog just recently, and just wanted to say you have some gorgeous handwork! I used to smock, and still have my smocking machine, but I no longer do it.
    also, wanted to say that the drawn thread work you show in this post is also done here where I live in México, it's quite popular.
    Well done on your blog, thanks so much for sharing. :)


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