Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best tip of the week

Not that kind of tip!
This kind:

tip noun ( INFORMATION )

a useful piece of information, especially about how to do something or about the likely winner of a race or competition
gardening/cooking/sewing tips
She gave me a useful/helpful/valuable/practical tip about/for growing tomatoes.
Our racing correspondent has the following tips for the 3.15 and the 3.45 at Newmarket (= thinks that particular horses will be the winners in those races).
I've got a hot tip for you (= I can tell you about a particular likely winner of a race or competition, or give you a valuable piece of information).
A little pearl, an idea that makes you slap your forehead and say, "I could have had a V-8!"  That is what my table mate shared with me last week whilst stitching.

If you have taken many classes you are bound to have had at least one kit that includes needles. Sometimes the needles are slipped into the instruction sheet, or attached in a little baggie. Other times they are included on a piece of fabric or felt as in this case. 

If you are like me, your work area quickly begins to look like a bomb went off, you have spread into your neighbor's workspace and you find yourself constantly "hunting" your belongings. Many, many times I have found myself searching over and over for the needles that came in the kit.
Enter Sarah, the genius! She nonchalantly suggests, "Why don't you pin your needles to the pincushion?" 
Now this may not sound like much to you, but it was a lifesaver for me! Not one time in four days did I have to hunt for my needles. 
In order for this little pearl to become a routine, the next few occasions I have to 1: remember it (That is always dicey) and 2: I have to remember to bring a pincushion with me. 
I also use a pen to write on the felt what the needles are. 

I hope this little tip is a help to you as well faithful reader.


  1. Isn't it amazing how the simplest ideas are the very best ones.

  2. Fantastic Tip and I just love the felt bunny too!

  3. That is my biggest problem too, looking for things, especially just the right needle. I'll have to make one of those. Just the cuteness of it might make me remember to return the needle to the right spot.

  4. That is a v8 moment. Tell her that we all want to meet her so find someone to watch the cows in fall.


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